What is your on line ps3 nick name

Hi Gents and Ladies !!
Maby this qestion has been asked but I will ask anyway -Koga I Apologize If I created useless topic,and made rubbish^^

Since some time I play online, and somehow except two - yes TWO yoshi's users the rest does not represents any good skills they waste Yoshi. So if this forum is ment to be for yoshi fans I count on you guys!

I have got europe version of tekken and because I play on my room mate's ps3 "my" nickname is majzor
I have notticed my connection is not that bad-8 MB but when it comes to play with people from Poland or Italy It really makes me mad :/
Could you be all playing on line so kind and write here your nick names and version of tekken DR,please?

Greetings from Yoshi user :))

Today I uploaded one of my online fights:
the bryan was weak but look how I ended up the fight.Rare view.

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yo mine is Grey09. I'm from Guam (pretty much opposite of where you are in the world) so I'm positive there will be lag. Just send me an invite though if you feel like playing.

my username is Yaxxbass i basicly play King, Armor king, Yoshimitsu and others