My name is Cai, I am sumsamurai's younger brother. Hope to have fun & battles in the destroy the poster above ;). I play Halo online alot, I like fighting my sister on Tekken.

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Hey Cai!

Hope u´ll have lots of fun here and that u beat ur Sis from time to time in Tekken ^^"
Which charas do u use or like?

hey again Cai! Sorry I deleted my last post, I decided it sounded dumb... which is in itself dumb because most of my posts have a certain ring of dumbness to them... So have you remembered who I am yet?? lol as if you could forget me :)

Anyway... I'll be posting on DTPA pretty soon because now and then my mind goes into imagination overdrive and I need any excuse to write... I have been hyper for a few days now so WATCH OUT!!!

Bye for now...


Had to edit this for typos cos if I don't your sis will hunt me down and beat me with large chunks of the alphabet... have you ever gotten an I in you eye or an H stuck up your nose... it's not fun I assure you... *giggle*

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Hey, Cai! really proud to have you on here! :) but.. urg... Gattsu just destroyed me on dtpa... He infiltrated my brain and totally sent me into manic skit until I died.. *coughs* pls dear brother, *choke* avenge my death...

Hehe Jem I only pointed out the funny one. :p But NO! You not allowed to make typos!! EVER! They take over ur mind and one day you become so laxidasical that you 'do do' a typo and send me into disarray! :D


he he... I dont have lysdexia :D I told you, I just type in a hurry...

Anyway Cai.. I've posted on DTPA like a promised I would... I've left the typos in it too...