What is your favorite tekken character

hey, Yoshimattsu, what do you mean "comic relief"? I dont get it... :D

I just dont know it... haha... i dont know what it means...

do you mean, he came from a Comic or something? :D


I mean he's like a joke character.....Like Kuma/Panda, Gon, and Alex....Don't get me wrong, I'm not sayin they're not effective fighters and they haven't earned their place...But Dinosaurs, Bears, and Kangaroos? In an otherwise serious fighting series, these characters keep things light hearted and fun. Tell me you don't get a little more angry when you get beat by these guys...Just like if I'm playin at an arcade and someone tears me apart with Jack...It bothers me just a little more than most.

hmmmm... Ive fought good Kuma/Panda users... and I somewhat cant even beat them sometimes...

hmmm... maybe, they were meant to be in that game, well, yeah, for that reason... and for some twist in the game...

Favorite (joke) character gonna be Paul. He is just so stupid in a good way tho

Kajuya.... rocks.. 1m1 ...

Kazuya is stil my number one.
I play with a lotta charas when I don´t have exams (then wtf am I doing right now!?! -.-""")
Jin, Yoshi, Devil Jin, Bruce, Asuka, Lee and for some reason I can beat ppl with Law although I only know some combos...
For me, my ace is Lee Chaolan, when I´m stuck or pissed because I got beaten up by Panda or Jack or Beak, then I choose him to kick ass. Except when I play with Kaz.

Btw, Matt: I´ve finally uploaded my ghost on tekkenzaibatsu...user name´s Gattsu.
Have fun kicking my ass XD

Awesome!!! Thanks buddy..Did you download mine?

Yes :D
I don´t believe you´d play like that. It´s not very hard to beat a ghost, as you´ve told me before. I even perfected you in round 2 XD
sorry ^^
But your customizations are cool!! ^^
Both costumes look nice, although I prefer your Yoshi-like Yoshi ;)

Thanks... The ghosts are cool but nothing compared to vs. Human matches, There aren;t many ghosts at any level that aren't easy to smoke and even pick apart artfully. It's a decent idea and well designed but an online multiplayer versus mode for PSP would be nice to see.

ahhh .. i cant even get things online from where i stand... :'(

i really like to upload ghosts, but the problem is, i dont have a PSP!!! i just play tekken in my PS2 and at the arcades...

trust me... the PS@ is a llloooootttt better than the PSP ... besides, the PSP buttons cant take the pressure of all the combos.. my X button got loose already

Old Psp??? The Newest PSP 3000 was designed better than ps2 controllers and the buttons seem to be more reactive and sturdy

ohh.... thts the reason.. :(

jfdhfjug : Now I know everyone here likes yoshimitsu but sometimes he isn't your absolute favorite (some times he is). Maybe you just really like Jun or Hehachi, well thats what i'm asking Who is your absolute favorite charicterof the Tekken Series?

Im obsessed with Yoshimitsu overall. As Ken said in one of his Victory Quotes from X-Men Vs. Street Fighter: "Obsession is Dedication Spun out of Controll." Ive been using him ever since the first Tekken and am very proud of the fact that he literally keeps on improving in some way as the Tekken doles out sequels (As opposed to Soul Calibur.... yeesh). He just feels completely natural to me as I can add in strategies just from pure thought. Judging from the YouTube Videos I have been obsessing over, my man has gathered some very fine improvements, most notably with his "No Sword" ability and smooth stringing of Special Moves. Thats going to be my calling card as Im going to be tanuting the shit out of my opponents with no weapon!!

Delving deeper into my Tag experiences, Jin (Now as his Devil form) was always a natural character for me to use as well. His Mid-range Tactics fit my playstyle as he is a great mix of Keep-Away/Reversal/Counter. I spam his B+4 consistently as its great to get a juggle on counterhit followed up by a nice D+3+4~1+3,2,4. Good Stuff.

Heihachi Mishima was also another favorite of mine simply because he plays like a "Mishima" (with his signature uppercuts in the form of T~D~DT+1 or 2) sweep kicks and all. But he hits just as hard as Paul Phoenix, another die-hard slugger favorite of mine.

I could rant about how I love every single character that feels "Smooth" for me, but these three are my top contenders. I would have to say that Law and Lee Chaolin, in his effiminate glory, take honorable mentions.

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