OMFG...Yoshi's Face

Well actually its not ALL the face..but its the half of his face =w=

look in these video....i like these custome by the way:

He look so young >w< wiii now i will tell to my friends that Yoshi its not a freakin alien xDDD

Yey!!! FLESH (giggles shyly). Thanks for sharing that Haru. I'm pleased to see he's been using those clinique products I got him for his birthday. I mean... the shaving rash has cleared up really well. Now lets all sit back and imagine kissing those lips... *contentment*

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -just felt like kissing a lot :) gave him clinique products??...Well, thats explains why his face is so soft *____*...

Wow...his kisses are so... >w< yummy...i love them, his skin so soft, his lips so sinfull..OMFG, Jembru im picture those things right now :love hot xDD

I thought he´s just look silly in T6, but this outfit is cool!
And it shows a lot of skin, which contradicts what Koga told us in the "Yoshi´s left hand" thread. So he´s not fully mechanized! At least it doesn't look like that.
BTW, on Tekkenpedia, u can see some other customuzations of T6 Yoshi.

But he´s much stronger than in the other Tekken games. But Namco rated him an "expert character", which means he´ll be more difficult to use for that.

Again, CURSE U MICROSOFT, for letting us wait so damn long -.-"

Thing is.. with Yoshi, I really don't think they're going for realism or really give a damn if costumes contradict one another. That's why I keep saying that you really have to form your own opinion of Yoshi unmasked. There can be no wrong answers because there simply aren't any right answers. It was never said that Yoshi has become completely mechanised but he certainly seems that way... more in some costumes than others. But no one ever said he WAS so... yet again that's up to us as individuals to decide.

The best we could hope for would be to create an image of Yoshi based on the 'egragore effect' but to do that you'd have to ask as many people as possible to describe how they imagine him to look/act. Then you'd have to work out which features are most common and which are less important and then build up an image of him based on that. I adore Yoshimitsu but honestly, I don't have the time or patience to do that. So for now I'll just accept that my image of Yoshi is right and everyone else is wrong!! Ha ha (only kidding).

Anyway... back to dreaming about those sweet lips...



Aww.. So he's not a freakin blue alien like in T5 xP
Awesome. I just love to see it ^^

Must admit the awesome factor just blew the roof, pierced the moon and is causing freaky phenomenons in outer space. (In plain English, "Cool beans.")

I don't think we're ever to see any more of his face than that, though. And I prefer it that way. Lack of right answers are better than a thousand disappointments, I think.

Wonder if his mouth is animated...?

I think not, if u look at 1:48, he should move it but doesn´t -.-
Too bad....:dozingoff

I think is like one of King's custom....when he show his mouth not all the face, and its not animated...DAMN

MMmmmm really i prefer that mask too, i dont like his T6 custom he is like too mush futurism....

Wh... wh... what?!???? His T6 costume is cool!! I like it. I think his mask looks kinda tribal... is that not hot? I think it's hot... true I think Gollum from LOTR is hot but... but... this time I think I'm right. And he reminds me a bit of the alien from the Aliens movies...are they not hot too? I always thought there was something pretty about them. I'd like one for a pet... I'd never win at crufts but no one would bother me if I was out walking it late at night (except maybe the occasional preditor.. he he).

Okay, just read over what I've written... I'm gonna post this but then I think I better press the speed dial button for my therapist... lol only joking (I think :con)

Love you YOT


Honestly, I think his T6 standard costume is the worst since SCIV o.O
That´s soo not the old Yoshi anymore...but I hope one can fix this with the customizations he has...

Just doesn´t really feel like Yoshi anymore. Okay, he´s very different now with the kenjutsu stuff and so on, but...compared to T3 or T4 Yoshi, he´s become too robotic/futuristic ( for me at least ^^" )

I agree with Gattsu and Haru-chan.

I think t6 cosy-1 is over the top with detail (I like simplicity) and is too busy. I mean, unless his armor is made of alloy.. Bwahahah! which i doubt. It's gonna be way too heavy for yoshi to be a swift and fast space ninja! He looks clumsy...

Anyway, i think ytube video quality is too bad to judge whether his mouth moves or not.. Either one of us will find a better video or we all wait desperately until the game comes out... Even then.. we have to play a lot to unlock items and win lots of gold to under-dress the space ninja. ;) Hehehe

Well yesterday, while doing Yoshi's laundry for him, I came across that costume (he missed his mouth with his curry again...:dozingoff) and really, it's not that heavy. His T5 costume is heavier (and its a B*****d to iron).

I like your comment about winning gold to under-dress Yoshi! How much gold do you think it would cost to see Yoshi's...

... face... I was going to say face... Honestly... :blush

I don't know where i read before (i will try to found the source)....but it said that one of the primordial rules of a ninja is neve show the face...if they show it that mean shamefull for the clan or betrayed and then he commit suicide

So that's mean that we will never see the face of yoshi or kuni :/

hehe, u probably saw that on disney channel or cartoon network or whatever, that´s total nonsense ^^
It´s clear that as spy or assassin they wanted to be unidentified, but this has nothing to do with clans or even harakiri ^^