KYSG T5 Yoshimitsu act 1.

Here's the link:

I'm currently uploading it... Comments to come soon.

P.S. Kazuya, can you take a look at this:

...We would like to know what's written here. :) Thanks!

Absolutley... no... comments... this movie is fantastic!

That was the most unbelievable combo vid ever! Windmill hitting twice, what?! All those death combos! And Suicide as a wall combo, woah!

Oh, and Tenshi, that page you want translated, it's a transcript in case you didn't know. Kinda hard to understand the terminology though (Google translator doesn't really help).

Anyway, very good find! :D

30 MB?

Oh my God...:O_o:dontgetit

Some combos were smartly designed, but anyway :) Didn't you notice that Yoshi countered character's supers? (and so the CH value was VERY high). Anywayyy. :)

Suicide combos are very hard to do in the battle. People have excellent ideas...

By now I'll test the BT Flea (I think I know what's going on...) and 3x Flea jumps which I previously thought, it can be techrolled. Nice juggle with the wall that in fact can be done. :) Generally, awesome work. :) It gave me some inspirations....

Bla Bla Bla ... as usual KYSG show as his Incredible movie done by his Programed Arcade Stick .For me it's another movie to have fun but only little bit can be usefull .He[They?] should do some movie to cinema: 2 hour long and it should be at cinemas all over the more commnts from me about His[Theirs] movie. Amen

Tenshimitsu : By now I'll test the BT Flea
BT Flea? Looks more like regular Flea. Marduk seems to shift just behind Yoshi when he is fully in the stance, which is what gives it the BT illusion. That's my opinion at least.

Yup :) I thought that it's just my imagination, but if you also noticed it, it means that WE might be sure. :) That's why I said I'll test it. :)

I would really love to see this, but when i get inside the link, and push on the KYSG video, all there comes is a page with some errors.. anyone know somewhere else to find this vid.. :D

This vid is in our Combo movies section :)

Most of the Moves we mainly based on counterhit ... and all of them are awesome ...Well Done ....Mr

will try to translate the best i can, i need to download software so i can read, english computers cant show japanese transcript :((

ps. i must say that my japanese reading is limited and the language can't be translated directly as such so i must use some 'artistic' translation so it fits

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