Hi everyone!

Hi! I´m a spanish Tekken player. I've going to tournaments for a year and Roger Jr. has been my main character. I´ve become one of the best players in my country (I´m currently in the 4th place of Top8 players of Spain).

The reason I registered in Manjikai is I´m starting playing Yoshimitsu a lot and I´m seeing his potential (I love his okizeme and his mind game). I really admire great Yoshi players like Souten, Otokonoko, QDogg & Tenshimitsu. Hope to learn a lot about you Yoshi Masters.:)

Hello. Don't expect anything near this fast a response, I just happened to be on.

I was still getting my ass handed to me by many of the players in my local arcade before it closed, so with a long way to go and nobody to play against, I've moved on to soul calibur, personally.

Hey MadJackal !
Welcome here, another top player has joined our group. Great! Now I feel even more below YOT average -.-
I have absolutely no idea how to become a coutry´s top player?! Maybe I should google tournaments in my region, but I honestly doubt there are any...:(

In which Tekken are you Spain´s 4th master ?

Ok Gattsu I´ll explain it to you. There´s an "official" ranking in spanish Tekken web tekkenforce.net and it´s called Top8. You gain more or less points for the top depending on the place you finish at tournaments. Only who finish 8th or better will earn Top Points, but there are some ways to earn bonus points... Everything is well explained in the web I mentioned before.:)


We play T5DR (can´t wait fot T6:satisfied).

I would love to go to a tournament hey, if it got too serious I'd even consider taking part, you know, to lighten the mood and give them all a giggle. I sometimes check my ranking on DR, I'm near the bottom, below the monkeys but slightly higher than the creatures without opposable thumbs. When I check it I feel I can almost hear my PS3 laughing at me!

Though in my defence I'm rarely on-line.

I can't wait for T6 either. That will be a beautiful day.

Welcome, there is more than enough Yoshi strategy/info to keep you satisfied here, you came to the right place!

Thanks for listing me among Yoshi players you like. ^^ As for Yoshi strategies, we can PM about the details, but I'll be able to make full responds after this Monday. ^^" You playing roger, hmmm... I started playing him not so long ago, seems pretty strong :)

By now you have the YOT Member status and can browse Yoshi strategies freely. I hope you will enjoy... BTW, no strictly DR strats, there are little changes in fact, not that in favour of Yoshi. At least it's my feeling.

EDIT: Gattsu, if you're from Germany, there is a good Tekken community in there. Check www.tekkentreff.de

Hey Tenshi, thx for the link. Site´s not really up to date, but quite interesting.

Hi! everyone I'm new and I need a little bit of help.I just registered a week ago,
I'm looking for a nice and informative Yoshi faq for Tekken 5 I tried accessing the
faqs inside the Manji Dojo but it won't let me(access denied).

What should I do guys inorder to open it, I need help ASAP my nephews and other kids are kicking my ass in our local arcade and to think Yoshi is the only character I know how to use a little bit. Thanks.

Ah bless you StealthBlade! I totally appreciate your dilemma! You just need to request an upgrade to YOT member! Honestly, it's that easy and painless! It'll be worth it I promise because Tenshi's FAQ is genuinely awesome (Carlsberg don't make FAQ's but if they did, they'd be exactly like Tenshi's)! Good luck and I hope you manage to show those kids why they shouldn't mess with the Yo-man! lol

Also. Welcome to YOT MadJackal! Sorry I forgot to welcome you sooner :blush Wow, Roger jr. huh? That's unique, I like that, he's so undervalued. I love the way he selfishly takes all the glory for his mother's hard work :| Has he any idea how much extra energy a female marsupial has to use when she's nursing? Obviously not!

Sorry, I do tend to go off on one, I have an overactive mind so I can't help it!


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Thanks for the info Jembru, I really appreciate the help.Who knows maybe after reading Tenshi's FAQ I may become as good as her. I saw one of her video matches I then realize that she's quite a cyber ninja( Grrrrrr she's nasty). Her style is almost like a combination of "Souten & QDogg".She's probably studying and observing those guy's moves.:satisfied

>_> *sneaks in*

i have no idea what you people are talking about with the videos and the tournaments and what not! but welcome! everyone!