n00b here.

Hey everyone,

I just started playing Tekken about 3 or 4 months ago. Yoshimitsu was the first character I played, and he's still my ace to play people against (even though I'm still learning, really). I'm on the PS3 network under the same username if anyone's interested in playing once in a while.

Misc information: I'm a english/journalism double major at Rutgers University, I do photography for fun.

Glad to be a part of the forum. :)


Wow, you're at uni? How do you even find the time for video games (you needn't answer, I was a student too so I know how it is). Nice one for choosing Yoshi first. You clearly have a good eye for fabulousness (did that make you cringe? I mean, as an English major? lol)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here, its a great forum. I learn so much while I'm here!



Welcome to our great site. U´ll have a lotta fun here, I promise.
I´m a student, 2. In Augsburg, bavaria if you happen to know it.
Yoshi´s the most fun to play with, no doubt about it. Good choice!
Have a good time here!


Jembru, actually I think english majors are really bad about making up their own words! I don't mind :) Thanks for the welcome.

Thank you for the welcome Gattsu!