Been a while.

Hey everyone. It's been maybe a year or two since I've posted here, but I've always remained a big yoshimitsu fan. Hell, I still have a binder with tenshimitsu's entire tekken 5 yoshimitsu guide on my bookshelf.

Man, this forum is confusing. I can't quite tell if it's dead or not...

Anyway, I don't have a ps3, and I probably never will, so I've been playing soul calibur instead. Yoshimitsu reminds me a lot more of his tekken incarnation here than in SCIII, though perhaps not as much as I'd like. Anyway, I suppose I'll lurk here a while.

I really do wish someone would explain to me how this site manages to just barely stay alive, though.

Yeahm it's pretty dead, but it moves! Like a zombie. :P

And you should get a PS3. They rock.

An old member returns! Great. Well I've only been using this site a while so I can't compare to how it was but I can imagine that the lack of activity here could be due to the amount of time since the last tekken release. You know how people are, when something new comes out they get all excited and enthusiastic, but then, after a while, you're left with just the die hard fans. There's still activity here, and I am 100 percent convinced that once T6 comes out, the members will come flooding in.

PS3's rock? I got one two days ago (just so I could play Soul Calibur) but it confuses me. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it though.

Anyway, welcome back.


Welcome back!

Everyone should have PS3. If you do get one; try and get 4usb 60gig. Those ones can play ps1/2 games. (Original release) 80gig can play to but update is needed otherwise old games look crummy. :)

No the forums aren't dead... pls don't say that. The thought of yots destruction scares me. It could be like this because of low spam tolerance. I also suspect members have habit of lurking for next post. (because We always have guests.) :)
Anyway It's been quite busy this week; either way I'm ok with the paste because it's easy to catch up. And no matter what it's my No.1 fav forum because of Yoshi and ppl here are nice and there's rarely any rudeness or sarcasm.

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Yeah, a zombie forum...undead
When I registered here, it took 2 weeks or so to until a little action came in here.
I have been visiting this site every day since then and it was like soliloquizing a little at first.

But luckily, this period is over ^^

SumSamurai : Welcome back!

No the forums aren't dead... pls don't say that. The thought of yots destruction scares me.

Oh gosh I totally agree! I also really love this forum and I'm already really fond of all the members (those who have posted so far at least, if we were neighbours I'd buy you all a pint, though not for the youngsters, sorry but you'll just get a cola).

This site has made me feel at least a little less insane for being obsessed with Yoshi. I was starting to feel kinda lonely as the obsession slowly forced a gap between myself and my lovelly, lovelly friends (who are actually amazingly understanding). Now I can vent all my obsession here and be almost normal when I'm out (though I still drop in comments and Yoshi quotes all the time, you should see me playing pool, it's so theatrical!).

Anyway, I'll keep posting as often as I have been. If that is all it takes to serve our Yoshi, then I'll type to my heart's content!


Well, if you guys like this forum so much, make some new topics.


Is tenshimitsu still around?

Of course she is! YOT without tenshi would be like, like, like, Japan with out sakura blossom!

As for the new topics, maybe as I get more experienced I'll start more topics but right now, I'm afraid they'd all just be too silly. Like 'lets choose a day to celebrate Yoshi's birthday', and 'If Yoshi was an animal, what would he be?' The forum could cope without that!

But I always do my best to join in discussions if I feel I have anything even remotely interesting to say and I'm gonna try to spark up some old ones too since there's a few new members!

I'll keep trying. I made YOT my home page :blush so I check the forum often!

Oh, gotta run, it's my turn on DR, time to die shamefully (sighs).


Oh, gotta run, it's my turn on DR, time to die shamefully (sighs).

Hahahahaha....that´s just the right enthusiasm !!:D


Practicing tekken seems so pointless since they got rid of the arcade near me. No more tekken with anything besides the computer.

You could get DR and go online!!!

I'd play against you. You'd wet yourself with laughter but I'd still fight with all my worth! I always do. I die with so much style!


No PS3. To me, the ps3 is just a really expensive copy of tekken. Maybe if a good twisted metal comes out.

What do you mean? PS3 is a copy of tekken? Playstation 3?

Anyway, it's the future man. And T5:DR is 20euros I think. Full game (no story mode).

Yes. I'm just saying, the ps3 costs at least, like, 400 dollars. That's a lot to pay when the only game I'd play on it is tekken. And maybe littlebigplanet.

Well I agree with what you're saying Sharp. I only got a PS3 because I got a bonus from work that just happened to be the exact amount I needed for one but besides Soul Calibur and Tekken (and I much prefer Tekken), I doubt I'll ever get any other games for it. It does seem a waste when you look at it like that.