ohai :)


my name is claire :) i have been on this site for like a week or two before i got the time to introduce! mwuahaha~ ahem. anyway i love yoshimitsu ^_^! i first noticed him on soul caliber 2 and i was like omg this dude is cool! then i started getting games with him and stufffffff and i like to read about him on wikipedia for some strange reason. i'm a stalker i guess. i see a lot of you guys like yoshimitsu WELL i bet i like him more than you guys do!!!!!!!!!! ok bai.

i'm also gettin used to the site, i have viewed my profile many times to see if it worked! o_O

Nice to meet you fellow new person! New people ROCK! I was slightly shocked when I first read your message. I had no idea Yoshi-kun was two-timing me. I had to go and see him and demand and explanation but he assures me that there is plenty Yoshimitsu for everyone and made me promise not to get jealous. He said he simply can't abide jealousy. lol

Yeah, he's hot in Soul Calibur. While I think it is sacrelige that he can speak English so rarely have the English settings on, I like how if you taunt in English but he gets hit, it sounds like he's saying 'onion' (may only work in SC3 when he says 'unimpressive'). My boyf' had to ban me from playing it in English because I kept losing while trying to make him say it! lol.

Such a shame he wont say onion in the Japanese version as it is quite possibly the funniest Japanese word I have ever come across, maybe even the funniest word in the universe (tamanegi)!!!



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There's a weird crushathon with Yoshimitsu.

But not as weird as mine >:)

Welcome to the boards ^^

jembru chan is so funny LOL

thank you both ^_^

konnichiha back at you. :D

Welcome to YOT! Alot of us here are stalking Yoshi.:D (Poor guy isn't as secretive as he'd like to be.) I like to call this place Yoshimitsu Exposure Team. We know pretty much everything there is about him here. :)

haha i love to stalk yoshi >=]

hahaha.. so thats why this site is called "Yoshimitsu Obsession Team" cuz most of here are die hard fans and also having obsession to yoshi.. hahahaha..

hahaha.. jamburu, is yoshi your husband?.. hahahaha

From passion and obsession is derived a great amount of creativity... I hope our new members will contribute to our community. :) If you don't know how, drop me a PM. :)

Tenshi, I'll do whatever I can to help the community! Just tell me what you want of me:)

rege_89, if I thought he'd accept my proposal then yes, I'd be his wife! Somehow though, I don't think I'd be his type! x

Welcome :D