Manji spin slaps followups

To me, D/B+2,2,2... is Yoshi's best tool. I don't see many players use it as often as I do but the reason I find it so useful is because of the amount of lethal followups you can use afterwards.

I usually spin 3 times or until the first block is made, then do one of the following:

WS b+1 - Low and some mid crushing. Catches opponents off guard as well - D/F 1,1,1 juggles, which I usually follow up with u/f 3+4, 1+2, f+3+4, or something else if they techroll/the flea would leave me in BT
U/F+3 - Destroys high attacks, jabs and grapples - very handy if WS b+1 is failing. And obviously it juggles. You're screwed if it's blocked, however.
Grapple - Provides a decent surprise
WS 1 - Appears to stop all jab attempts and is safeish on block. For if your opponent gets wise.

Does anyone know of a way to stop all 4 of these? I've never played someone who doesn't get messed up by at least one of them regardless of their counterattack against manji spin slaps, but I'm guessing the reason it's not used often against facing, standing opponents is because there are way of slaughtering Yoshi after the spins?

f+2~d/b+2,2,2 is safer than d/b+2,2,2 alone. Do note that the frame's a bit different between those two on block.

Now about dealing w/ those attacks...

d/b+2,2,2 can be dealt by blocking it, and bdc after yoshi finishes spinning. Yoshi's got not much to go on post that option against opponent back dash. After the attack is done, Yoshi's momentum ends.

sword sweep is one of his best attacks, but usually is used for the fc/ws mixup or wake-up for tech-trap. In tech-trap part, just be careful standing up, and you will be all set. For the fc/ws, u/b+4 tend to do the trick against most of Yoshi's fc/ws options. Post sword sweep juggle d/f+1,1,1, side roll gets away from most of the options Yoshi has.

u/f+3's got a bad range, though there are a few places to set it up. back dash cancel would kill yoshi's ws u/f+3 setup though, and on block or whiff, yoshi's fucked.

ws+1 suffers the similar problem as u/f+3 in range category.

You can mess up with these attacks if somebody doesn't know the frames on block after d/b+2,2,2. Normally it all can be crushed by fast mids, and this is what you will suffer versus experienced players. Most of the time the only alternative is block or SS~block.

However... if you predict fast mids and if you're skilled enough, you can go for single d/b+2 and then cc~flash. It can flash most of the upcoming d/f+1s and d/f+4s, with a few exceptions. You can also d/b+2~SS to evade any followups (with an exception of jabs and horizontal moves catching ss).

Many options really, it's Yoshi's nice weapon if used right. Just use all versions (f+2~d/b+2,2,2 and simple d/b+2,2,2), end them differently, and never spin up from the distance, since you'll be easily CH-ed.

I play with d/b+2,2,2s a lot to put an initial pressure and read my opponent. It can really change the result of the fight, just try not to leave it at the end of the fight. It's a guess up that is more disadvantagous for you: your opponent might be smarter at times. As I fight Yoshimitsu vs Yoshimitsu, nobody can beat me with this...

OK ... hehe, maybe because d/b+2s can be many times PUNISHED with flash if blocked close. :P

To sum up: nice one, great to read your opponent, but afterwards, 80% of time you're forced to block not to score a hit. Anyway, I appreciate d/b+2,2s and use them frequently.