Damn breakdancing characters!

I really dunno what it is, but I pretty much always get beaten by Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro. I dunno what it is, but to me: 1. they're unpredictable as hell and 2. I just get damn confused by them to the point I don't really know what to do other than attempt to block them 'til they give up their combo or try my luck with a jump/low hit move.

I do wanna know this though - are they -really- a button bashing duo like people claim? Or is there skill to it?

Personally I believe in the former. Bastards >:(

It's not break dancing, by the way. It's a Brazilian dance style called Capoeira. There is a difference :)

I would think it depends a lot on people's opinions. I do know that there are real, skilled Eddie players, but as the character is easily abused, button smashers favour him. It doesn't take any skill whatsoever to keep bashing 3-4-3-4-3-4-3-4-3-4 until coffee break.

A story, if you'd like to hear: :)

A questionable aquintance of mine challenges me every now and then in Tekken, especially after I've had a long break from it. He uses only two characters; Julia (because, apparently, she reminds him of a person he's got a childish crush on) and, surprise-surprise, Christie. When he's using Julia, he barely has the time to move her before I finish him off (note: he doesn't have Tekken himself, thus he's an easy win), but when he's using Christie... you can see a vein popping up on my forehead. He even changes his grab on the controller so he can just smash 3-4-3-4-3-4-3-4-3-4-3-4-3-4... well, as you know, that's an easy way to lose. :D

Long time ago in tekken 4...
My friends little 9 year old sister...
She..SHE beat me with Christie!

I don't have the eddy problem now though:D
When they smash buttons...
I noticed something...Since they just smash buttons, They hardly block.
So if they get crazy with those 3-4`s, Just Kamikaze/Kiss them to death.:((

3-4's!? That's it!? Here was I thinking that there was at least a -little- more to it than that. Yeesh, that's terrible =) I found quick slash seems to work, as well as death copter trick to hit them/get behind them. It still intimidates me sometimes though... just can't bring myelf to do anything until it's too late. Bit like a rabbit staring at a car's headlights....

Hmm, proves a lot about my intelligence xD

And I'm sorry for getting the fight/dance style wrong :P

Damn them button masher's!!!

My tech is hitting low. Like a low kick or something. They stop immediately, I then proceed to combo their asses from here to yaya.

But it's fun to play as Christie. lots of fun.

I hate them ! Capoeira FU... hehe