Quarter circle forward + 1... why does no one seem to like this?

Maybe I've just missed this move on FAQ and tip lists, but it would appear no one really talks about this move, and yet I think it's one of Yoshimitsu's most useful.

I'm what you might call a novice player, but from my experience it does not only have a rather long range, but appears to be unblockable, seems to confuse the HELL out of opponents, AND causes a knock down.

I know for fact it's easy as hell to counter (bit like u + 3+4 - a high kick and you're f*cked) but very few - or at least just inexperienced players - seem to know this. Maybe it's the confusion of the animation, much like most of Yoshimitsu's moves, but I find it very handy, especially when they're running towards you or getting up after b + 3+4/f + 3+4 etc.

I dunno, but what do you guys think? It just seems far too useful in my opinion to overlook. It might not be powerful, but it does give a bit of 'surprise' and variation, and is quite a good finisher if they have low health...

that move is one of my main moves I use it alot and it work alot whit super players too well super players in my contry anyway great move but nobody knows it:D

'tis too slow. And noticeable. And easy to dodge/sidestep. And has a relatively long recovery if it whiffs (misses).

Having said that, it tends to work well on the massive characters like JACK, Kuma, Marduk (especially when he's about to tackle), but I wouldn't abuse it.

I prefer Deathcopter over Moonsault Slayer any day. ;)

talonwolf: Read Tenshi's Yoshimitsu FAQ. It is the holy grail of any beginner Yoshimitsu player. I remember back in the day, before I found this site, that I used to love this move also. But, you know... I grew up. ;)


Deathcopter is much more slower than moon light Slayer even when you cancle the move anyone can see it coming plus moon light is cooler than Deathcopter hehe:yes

Deathcopter is very useful. Most of the time it is used w/ shortened version (u/f+1+2~d) against grounded opponent, or mid distance opp who is by the wall. It is also a great way to avoid rolling head-dive used by many players to gain frame adv from the grounded position.

However, moonsault has its own use. Though easy as hell to side step, it is great against biggies in short-mid distance. If opponent does not interrupt u during ur air time, the two slashs are virtually free.