Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu Customization

Hello everyone:D
I just wanted to show some customizations for Yoshimitsu.:)
Some Items have no pictures so I couldn't take them:(
I think these items can also be used with some characters other then Yoshimitsu.
Well...Here you go

Proof I took the Pictures


Left Sword

Broad Sword

Right Sword

Gold Flame Sunglass

Big Star Sunglass

Sports Sunglass


Glasses 2


Sharp Sunglasses

Sports cap


Wow, they're great!

Can I ask you for allowance to put them in the YOT Gallery? :) In fact you can do it by yourself, uploading them into your file space. :) Just create a folder named e.g. "Yoshi's T6 customizations", make it public and gallery, and order it under one of YOT Gallerie's subcategories. :)

If you need my support, PM me please :)

Oooh, those swords are wicked. 8) I wonder if getting a custom sword makes any difference to the gameplay, ie. inflicted damage or range. Wasn't there talk about the customization items actually being somewhat usable?

Not sure about them glasses, though. If they're very thick glasses, won't it hinder Yoshimitsu's eyesight? :D

Oh man... That glasses acares me. No, he DON'T looks good in bigs stars on eyes. W want his cute tentackles xD
But I like the swords. There are cool^^

very nice pictures man the sport cap and the bandana are cooooool :yes

Damn those new swords look pretty cool! I can't wait for Tekken 6 to come out.... Well, other than on arcade

About those swords...
When you equip them, I dont know if Yoshimitsu will use it as a weapon..:(

There's loads of glasses, but I think they don't suit Yoshi. If any, I think I like the ones just titled "Glasses". They make him look very distinguished.

For those who are interested those swords are willow leaf sabers.

lol'd at awesome glass's

I don`t think Yoshi needs sunglasses!