Old 1986 Namco character looks like yoshimitsu!

Old Namco character Kagekiyo, looks just like What I think is special yoshi costume in Tekken 6.

His name's Taira no Kagekiyo and is also a samurai, he's from a game made before Tekken. Genpei ToumaDen (Samurai Ghost) by Namco 1986

Look alike Yoshi video/Kagekiyo

Kagekiyo Pictures

Movie trailer /Even longer movie/game trailer

In soul calibur 3 With 2 characters that are obscure outside Japan.

In other games (Namco x Capcom) It's a Japanese site. There are English ones about this game, but I couldn't find any that had tekken characters in.

All you've got to do is copy these symbols: ( たろすけ(左)。CV:瀧本富士子。) and paste them in Google it should be the 2nd hit, then translate the page. Enjoy!:)

wiki profile About the story of him and his relations to the game.

About him: Taira no Kagekiyo (Kazusa no Shichiro) his real name. Existed in feudal Japan and his story telling changed elaborately. His clan (Taira) is the crab (Kagekiyo) clan and they participate in the Gempei war to defeat the Genji clan.

In games: Kagekiyo is based on his storys, only each Genji boss takes form of a demon. Kagekiyo must defeat them to reach Minamoto no Yoritomo (the emperor) and assassinate him.

My Opinion: Judging from his pictures I believe our Yoshi is an inspiration from this guy. I see his traits throughout many of yoshis previous tk costumes.

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Give the links? :P

Good find, indeed :)

Wow great find!
And I think he looks a little like Yoshi's T4(not bug1) costume too.

Bear in mind that although Kagekiyo is a historical person, he looked nothing like the guy from games. Putting a real character in a game is a very popular practice, and especially in Japan they get either demonized or have godly powers (are super handsome, very strong, 1,85 cm tall, etc :D).

As for me, Kagekiyo isn't very interesting. Compared to Nobunaga and Hideyoshi.... hehe, they were more brutal and "bad-ass" than every game have shown so far...

Hmm... you beat me to creating this board... I had wanted to create this board a long time ago but.....

Anyways, I'm just happy that Yoshi can dress as Kagekiyo in T6. My two favourite samurais in one. Lolz...

Hmm, that is an interesting find.... But on another note, on the Yoshimitsu video of Tekken 6, is his kangaroo kick ultra fast now? O_O Man I can see myself using that a lot...

That dosen`t look like Yoshimitsu + Yoshimitsu is much cooler