It just takes practice. The more you read up on these types of things, the more you start to get it.


Heya - got some fresh questions for ya!

Well - nothing to add, really so i'll just go right ahead and ask 'em!

Here goes:
1) How to avoid killing oki?
Oftenly, i tend to end juggles right before the last hit (the ender) in order to dash up and be upfront when they hit the grund. This way, i feel best in control of my okizeme. But i so hate to miss that last damage - especially since Yoshi' is not known for his power-juggles.

2) Oki-options from Suicide-cancel (f,f+1+4~n) after e.g. Juggle?
I'm not sure where i heard this, but from a juggle, if killing the ender, Suicide-cancel can really be gaining in your Okizeme. Although - Yoshi's BT moves don't seem to be that reliable in this situation.

3) Oki-Tricks?
Here i'm partly thinking already known ones i might not know, and partly how to invent other ones - Like which moves to rely on, which situation each comes into play (e.g. Psychic aspects taken into consideration) and so forth.

More Questions - non-Oki related though. Sorry if thats much of a problem. But here goes anyway:

4) Flash/BB, PG, 1+2m 1, ff+4 - How to time this?
I've tried to time this dozens of times, and just doing that stable "~1+2, u/f.." might suffice - but i don't grant you the best wall-combo-options - something that's too great to miss!

5) T5 BT game - Worth using in general?
I've tried hard lately to strengthen my BT game, and i'd really feel this is something that just CANNOT be left out. It's almost purely luck whether it pays off or not, and in most cases i'm afraid i fuck it up. But nonetheless, i try hard to make it work properly. So - i'm thinking which to-BT-moves you price higher than others, and WHY - and, hence which options from BT needs the most attention - that is, if it's possible to give any general answers to this. Yoshi's BT-stance does have one huge arsenal, but being BT it's some risk to take nonetheless!

6) Stance-Art - When to?
Stances - in general. Here i'm mostly focused on the more offensive-based ones - such as PG and DGF. In general, they're used mainly as Okizeme tools, granting damage from e.g. alluring your Opp into Getup-kicking or Mix-up-options. DGF is mostly used while having Opp KD'ed after a throw or from wall-game, and PG mostly from a Flash-combo. But - besides these - does these Stance have any other uses or situations which calls upon more attention to those moves?

I guess that's all i had on mind. Cross my fingers for some feedback! :)