Judo techniques in Tekken

As far as I know, the only characters in Tekken that have actually judo listed in their martial arts are Paul and Kunimitsu. Now, those of you who have practiced judo, let me know if you have recognized the techniques in Tekken.

So far, I've noted that many that do not have judo listed in the martial arts (ie. Jin in TTT, if my memory serves me), actually commit Juji-Gatame after a tackle, when you start smashing 1,2,1,2,1,2 and finally 1+2. Ouch! :con

Also, I've seen Paul using the "flying" Juji-Gatame, as well as Ippon-Seoi-Nage and Tomoe-Nage. I may have recognized them wrong, so if someone knows better, please correct my answer.

But what about Kuni's judo throw? My guess is it's Harai-Goshi, but it might as well be something like Uchi-Mata or Hane-Goshi, because they all start from the same pose. Yama-Arashi it however cannot be, since Kuni clearly lifts up her leg during the throw.

But hey, all judokas around! Tell me your opinion!

actually there are a lot more judo throw in tekken

kazuya's 2+4
hwoarang's d,db+1+3
baek's db+1+3

Do any of the characters do 0-Goshi? Just askin.

Hmm... unlikely. O-Goshi isn't a "show-throw", meaning it doesn't look very cool (very, VERY efficient throw, nevertheless! :))

Okay... do any characters use Kesa-gatame?