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Just found this Trailer for the new Soul Calibur 4, I don't know if this is a old one or not, but I found it on

It seems like Star Wars Characters Yoda and Darth Vader are going to be in SC4, but I don't know if they are going to be Secret Characters or if they are already unlocked, also I have heard that Yoda is only going to be in the XBOX 360 Version and Darth Vader is only going to be in the PS3 version.

Fastlegs of Fury

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I guess the force guided them here. I can see Yoda being totally broken.

There is no way to throw this guy, no way you can do As and high attacks. Even Bs are not guaranteed.

I'm happy I'm getting the PS3 version, along with Tekken6. At least Darth may not be as broke as Yoda.

i want tekken 6 but i think in SC4 they have wrecked it by putting darth vader and yoda in totaly rubbish now

Why rubbish, if you don't like'em you simply don't use'em. But they're funny add-ons.

I think it's kinda ridiculous how someone from the future and a galaxy far far away would be interested in sword but, whatever.

Really want to buy this game soon, I can't wait to play Vader. He'll be my second fav char to Yoshi. :yes

Yeah, kinda weird additions. Suppose Namco wanted to boost the games popularity by attracting star-wars fans.

If they have their own story lines; I bet it goes a little like this: Vader wants to take sword into future to help him conquer the universe. (which he's gonna fail.) :D And Yoda thinks it's way too evil for anyone to have so wants to destroy it...:dozingoff

btw Kanta-Kun, I really like your avatar. :)

Thanks, I did it myself, over 3 hours on photoshop.Originally the sword was bigger, but I had to shrink it because of icon size restrictions.

Soul Calibur Official site didn't say anything about vaders storyline. It just said something like " A swordsman from a galaxy far far away...". And I saw SC4 today and damned myself for not taking any money with me.

I'll be honest, I wasn't going to buy it. I happened to be in a gamestop that had it set up the day it came out, so I decided to get a few free rounds in.

Next day I'm back with 60 dollars.

SC is not bad , but I like TEKKEN more...

 thank u for your effort ,here is some more info about it

Soul of Guardian is a free browser-based Action Role playing game by Wondershare Game.

Tamer Saga is a browser-based RPG where you can learn spells, tame pets.

Brike Force is a new MMOFPS. 

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