Hello you manji's out there,

Hi! I'm charlotte I became a yot member about a week ago, and i'm here to help contribute towards yoshimitsu's world domination. mwahahahah
Anyways I'm not used to using fourms, I liked this site so much I couldn't resist not having anything to do with it so please take it easy on me....

sumsamurai :D

Thanks my fried. You maked faster Manjito's world domination joining here xDDD

Ok. No way xD Hi^^

The Yot is more than a grouping of tekken (& yoshi) fans we are a virtual comunity all living in peace and harmony... ( most of the time )

so welcome and do have a great time.

ps. this is an amazing site but 90% of the action happens right here in the forums,




You seem like the kind of girl I would like to get to know better

583 days later and you're still a loyal member!!! That rocks... Just bumping your thread because I never got to welcome you when you were new (I didn't exist then... just appeared one day)... and I was looking to see how many people who introduce themselves actually go on to become long-standing members, just curious...

anyway, hope reading this made you smile!!!

Yes, that did make me smile. :) Surprised me too! 'Hello all you manji's out there' I was like, 'huh? That's my introduction! What's going on?' ^_^

It's always been great to be part of the Yoshi chiimu! It's unlike any other forum I've ever been to, and is very much like home. The people here are courteous and respectable! (Most of the time! --> Shout: haha XD) And I've met the most bestest life long friends here! Thankyou Yoshimitsu! ^_^

YOT and Yoshi fans! Don't ever change. *^_^*

Hugs and kisses to you all cos i'm happpppyyy!!!!! :D

hmm ... i gotta agree to tht ... ppl here r a lot frndly.. :D

Speaking of which... I think it's high time for some rank ups ^^

argghhh ... i guess, i'll need some more time to promote... :|

anyways, r there any goal to promote, or is it just better performance??..

Relax, Manji Z-Ryshan, you're the highest rank possible as for new member. :) YOT Elites are the long-time, active and helpful members (like SumSamurai) and/or respected Yoshimitsu players (like Noodlehead).

It's the matter of experience.

As for goal, YOT Elite is the title of trust, honour and respect. They can see/download about as much on the site as YOT members (though in the future there might be some differences, I promised some goodies to share which should not be spread widely).

YOT Members and YOT Elites will also be distinguished in forums and comments (the design for posts will be different) in the next version of YOT.

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cool... i'll b lookin forward to that...
YOT Elite, here i come...... lol

mann!! ... m i the only person active here??... nobody's in the forum, the shoutbox is broken... :( :( ... NEED TO SOCIALIZE !!!

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Well, there has been some activity on funstuff. Me and Gattsu posted some stuff there.

No one is commenting on the fastfood stuff... .. :) I'll just assume you are all awed at my wild sense of humour. :D


Mr BK gone hyper! Look at his eyes (O_O)"

Lol Bk Dancin' :D

I love the "King"!!!! Hahahahaha