hi everyone

my name is jonathan..just call me nathan..and nice to meet you guys especially the webmaster Tenshimitsu..i love the site. its great and its realy cool.

i want to submit some fanart or fanfictions..but i dont know why...i dont know the terms and conditions..please help me..

truly yours,



Hi there :) Thanks for the greetings. :)

Terms and conditions are simple: you can upload fan arts as long as they're of acceptable size and they're yours (to be exact: made by yourself). The same for fan fiction: you can submit them under "Your fan fiction!" category and if they turn to be of high quality, we'll create you your own fan fiction category which you'll be able to administer.

That's pretty much all. :)
See you around!

Welcome to YOT!

Enjoy your stay

Look forward to any fan fiction you put up.

Welcome, on my behalf as well. :)

Additionally, to the terms and conditions of fan fiction, it's strongly advised to proof-read your fan fictions before uploading for possible (major) typos - ie. spelling mistakes - and making sure they 'make sense' - not like "Yoshi went to shop and an apple". :) With the recent text editor programs, it's not even time-consuming task to do.

Yours cruelly,
- Kogamitsu

oi nathan, a fellow yoshi player from the same country...:D welcome!

@Koga, Fastlegs Of Fury (new name, same fastlegs?), Tenshi: Hey guys, how's it going? Can't believe i've been gone for a long time...

Hi, I'm tekku ^^ nice to meet you.

Its always a pleasure to see new members but most of all new fan art/fiction creators .. it is a glogious time in the yot

*salutes* All HAil Yoshimitsu!

*appears in cool ninja pose*
Greetings. They call me Tora. Welcome to the forum.