Singing Fist - Parody

I have watched a parodys of Tekken The Disco Fist and I decided to make my own The King Of Singing Fist Tournament!

The King Of Singing Fist Tournament 1
Not really good, but I promise that the next one will be better

Short Movie About Yoshi And Singing Fist
A REALLY SHORT movie, pre-Singing Fist 2, where Yoshi gets The Mishima Recording And Karaoke Studio xD

The King Of Singing Fist Tournament 2
Finally done second part xD Now decide who win

Yoshi In Tights
Yoshi's song from Singing Fist 2

The King Of Singing Fist Tournament 3
Finally xDD

Tekken spoof part 2
Not Singing Fist, but WATCH! It's my the best Tekken parody! All of my friends died...

Hope You like it! xD

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ok the first one is really funny, you chose some good songs to suit the chracters you used, but I don't think (and you can call me Simon cow for this) Temputure does not suit Kazaua.

but anyway it was still a great video.:)

Updated with a second part xD

what no Yoshi :no

still better choice of songs this time, likeed the girl thing candyman and girls always a good combonation.

will there be a third edtion?

Maybe ^__^
I must find some stupid songs and more character movies (I want to put Lee, but I can't find his T4 ending anywhere)

I've got Ideas I can't mix videos like you but mabye you like enough to make em.

Yoshi and kuni song (anything you can do, I can do better)! Imageon!!!

Or yoshi Jungle book: (I'm the king of the swingers)

LOL My brother nearly died when he watched men in tights.:D

Oh sh*** I forget to update!

Now DIEE!! Mwahahahaha!

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