Yoshimitsu had no sword?

Ain't gatling gun and minigun about the same thing? :con

Hey! the talk gos wrong ! Havent you seen [heard ] that Bryan shot to lying Yoshimitsu? Yes the sparks shows that bullets missed or reflected ^^' but it means nothing after seeing last two seconds of end NO MORE BRYAN:D NO MORE BRYAN! NO MORE BRYAN !SAY NO TO BRYAN:D LOL Yoshimitsu for president :D uahaha or {Tenshi :Manji filling got me:P] or I have a good idea:
Tekken 6 history

"I must save again Yoshimitsu" thought Dr Boskonovich and then he took the remote controller and pressed The red button[remote controller get started timer at Bryan's chest [ he planted it when Reinkarned Bryan] and then Bryan blowed up:D no more Bryan no more Bryan no more Bry... no more uahahaha ha ha [ you should know what Manji filling means cheers:D]

If Namco gets rid of Yoshimitsu, they did a stupid thing. Yes, I know this has been said in a different way but still, it will be foolish on their part. He has been in all of them and as stated before, was the mascot for Namco for Tekken next to Jin and the others. I do not think it would be wise to do away with Yoshimitsu. Bryan should go.

Yoshi and No Sword... thats not possible.. it must have been a mirror image of Yoshi trying to distract him or something else... yoshi cant die... he is already Dead( he refer brain as mortal..) no why would he refer like that cos he is Immortal..... He cant Die.. He wont ........alas you cant say that for bryan cos He exploded... now can any one survive yoshi's sword??????

I'd be willing to chalk up Yoshi's missing sword to an oversight on Namco's part...or maybe it just hadn't come out of camo yet?

Anyway, there's something which I think people aren't considering about the two endings. Clearly, Yoshi survived Bryan's pistol. He was knocked to the ground, but he's armored to the teeth; not gonna take him out for good. Even if that was the outcome, Yoshi's still alive. That's not the big question. The bigger question is how Bryan would be alive if Yoshi's ending were the true one (my personal belief).

From having watched the movie many, many times, it seems to me that perhaps the explosion was not Bryan blowing to smithereens. We've seen him survive pretty much everything one might throw at him. Maybe Yoshi only destroyed the infinite energy device Dr. B. implanted in him, then either left him for dead or once again took pity on him. Just my thoughts on the subject.


I like the idea of Bryan winning more. It'd be nice to make you think Yoshimitsu had died at first, only to have him pop back up as one of the time released characters much like what happened to Heihachi. As for Bryan, killing him does seem more absolute. I wonder how they are going to settle things without making it become too stale.

Dont say Yoshi died! I'm going to cry (i love him)
Bryan is just too stupid to use his hands or sword!
He's fuckin bastard if he uses a GUN :((

(sorry for swearing)

waohh, too much hate here towards Bryan,

Look Yoshi has three swords in the up coming tekken so it is all good.:)

well, yeah, yoshi has 3 swords now!2 at the back, and one on his waist...