A Game?!

granted but your hand's cut now.

i wish i had tekken 4 (only 1 i haven't got)

Granted but your copy doesn't work on anything.

I wish that Kishimoto (the autor of Naruto) would make an Alternate Universe version with some decent plot and not dissing the cool characters.

granted, but in the backward universe the cool characters became pig headed.

I wish I could hug someone wearing a Yoshimitsu costume. And I could pretend he was real.:love

Granted, but he rebels and cuts you up.

I wish I could control time.

granted, but u`ll end up becoming crazy:(

I wish I could skip over my study and play Tekken with my bro all day

Granted, but you flunk and get stuck in the same grade next year. (PS.: Your Bro beats you every time.)

I wish my computer wasn't a piece of crap.

Granted but It's now a PEANUT.
I wish I was a Tracter

Granted but uhhh... what's a Tracter? o_O

I wish all humans had 4 arms.

Granted, but now we have no legs.:O_o

I wish someone will tell Kanta-Kun what a "tracter" is.:D

Granted, he know thinks it's a typo on "tractor" O_o

I wish the 3rd Season of Heroes would premier here the same time as in USA.

Granted, but the China edition features Madonna without her makeup as the Claire the cheerleader.

I wish I had a working alarm clock so I could make my classes on time :/

Granted but somthin' bad happens :>
I wish to be this thing over here see right there okay go down V
ugg left a bit there <
now to the right bit more >
now V
> <
There you go

Granted but... Since the I'm like WTF, you're now in the middle of Times Square dressed only in your underwear.

I wish, School would start 3 months from now.

@yoshifan: I don't live in China so Haha!

Granted, but you´ll fall off the steps and fall into a 3 month coma :p

I wish I had a hot top model as girlfriend:D

Granted, but she takes all your money and runs off with me! :D:D

I wish... oh, I dunno...... for world peace!