A Game?!

granted, but your brain is gone :D

i wish my hair is violet

Granted, but all your skin turns violet

wish Raven and yoshi could get along.

granted, but too bad they drift apart later. hehe

I wish I win the lotto

granted but you get arrested for having a fraud ticket. mwhaha

Wish I could turn back time and make the world how I want.

granted, but u turn time back, u r not alive, s**t :D

i wish i can fly

Granted... *end of life*

Wish fastlegs ideas weren't so bad. hehe

not granted,

wish I had a new camcorder

Granted it's broken

I wish some thing:dontgetit

granted. but you get a toilet seat as you didnt specify what you wanted. haha

I wish I had a new cellphone.

Granted,but it gets stolen

wish I had a world recored

Granted, but it's for days in jail from stealing cell phones.

I wish Tekken 6 would come out on PS2

Granted, but you can't enter no tekken 6 tournaments

I wish I could go around the world for a month and have ?3000 spending money

Granted, but mafia-guys will try to kill you, becouce they think that you steal theyr money >:3

i wish, that i will got tons of icegream <3

granted its poison though:)

i wish i wasn't sick:((

Granted, but you die.

I wish didn't cut my fingers yesterday from being stupid, long story.