Yoshimitsu on Cosplaylab Contest! Please vote!

This month the cosplay site Cosplaylab presents a look-alike contest featuring characters from Soul Calibur. I am participating with my Yoshimitsu costume (the only Yoshimitsu there).

So please vote on Yoshimitsu!


ok guys

I would encorage we help out our fellow member, so do vote.

but there is one problem it seems we hate to join the site in order to do so.:(

it is upto you lot what you want to do.

and good luck to you pykemitsu.

Yoshimitsu Won!!!

Thanks for those who voted for me!

weldone and congratoulations!

Hi Pyke!

How's your Tekken 5 Yoshimitsu costume? ^^ Finished?

I thorught the pictures in his gallery was his Tekken 5 costume.:con

I'm so confussed.