T5 DR on-line for PS3

guys just read some news on Tekken DR going online.

appretaly it will go online in Japan next month, so we don't have long to wait.

also some news regurding Tekken 6 that this new instament to the tekken seris will have online play as well.

Here's the source of the news:

SD Tekken

Hi guys, yesterday there was DR online in Japan, but more Italian Guys have got a Japan DR online!!!!
i hope that there will be someone that can download it from his japan account...i will pay him...however there are many lag problem....

TekkenBrother, arrcoding to some news I'm reading on TZ, the lag issues really depend on your connection.:satisfied

I have some news for the US and US PS3 owners, there are rumours that the version of DR online will come out for US accounts in mid Augest and I expect that the PAL version won't be so much of a wait after that. I can't wait, too bad I will have to because call me sad I still don't have PS3 and a internet connection.:(

Now i have T.DR on-line japan version...ma friend bought it from japan ps3store(i dont understand how he bought it) and he have given one of his 5 copy...
by this verion in ma country, Italy, there is not more lag problem, in fact it depend from peronal internet connection, in Europe and in Asian country play is impossible, lag is heavy, es. after d/f3 of yoshi, dont make 1, b1+2 of feng is safe, low hit is unblockable...
so, in my country, with ma friends(about 15 online players) is wonderful, too funny...i hope that someone of this site will can play with me..i repet ma ID: Fratelli:D

see ya, Bro:)

Hi :)

Wow, lucky you :D I will have to wait for some time... I managed to get US version and now I'm waiting for the US update. It will be somewhere in the middle of this month, so soon we will have a chance to play each other. :D but not too well, though... I still have that goddamn wireless connection :(

I see, so hope that US update will be soon:)


Tekken DR online comes out today for the USA on the PSN store.:)

Have Fun

Here is the news souce

i'm still waiting. darn, england ALWAYS gets everything last! :((

so doe's Australia and idon't have a PS3:(

I think that i dont buy ther USA DR online version, i have got japan version and i know that there are the same lag's problem...so, i will wait European version, and i will hope that there will be a server connection...
oh, someone know when European DR will be in PS-store?

see ya, Bro:)

Yeah my friend was on about the lag problems, hopefully come europen release, lag will not be so much of a issue.

I think we will have europen version this month or at start of october, but don't quote me on that.

Meh, at least 5 more weeks for the European release =/

hurrah it's arrived in uk!!! YAY!!! *does a happy jig* :D :yes :yes :yes :yes :yes

ok... just so every1 knows...

upgrade for if you already got the non-online version: ?3.49

full gam w/ online: ?14.99

it's actually cheaper if you had already got non-online version and then bought upgrade. that's what i've done! yay! again :con

At last I have European release. :) By now I'm losing due to massive lags (Heh... my connection sucks), but I think that when nobody's home (watching transfer-eating youtube shit), I'll be able to play.

PSN: Tenshimitsu

Got too much lag too, sometimes losing from total scrubs :S
I also get kicked when I win two times in a row and the host doesn't know me..