The NEW site...[]

good luck there Tensh! :D

Sum BABY YOT!!! awwwww... hehe

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Soo.. how is it coming along? Do you think we will have it in time for August? August is such a perfect time for cool stuff like that.. I mean, okay so it is YOT's birthday but something even more special happens then.. Something so special that nothing nearly as special will ever happen ever.. the most amazing and perfect day in the history of mankind...

Jembru's Birthday ^x^ Hooray!!!

Seriously though, I can't wait to see the new site... It's gonna rock.

(btw...I want a poney for my birthday, if you all pool together I'm sure you will have enough for one :D)

with all the different currency ? XD

The site build is in progress. :)

Thanks for voting. I'll ad my votes soon. Now I'm quite busy with various job stuff. The site will be ready for YOT's birthday for sure, don't worry ^_~

Hey Tenshi!

How's your work going?
Looks like things overburdened you a lil, but that´s okay.
I wish I could help but I don´t have the knowlegde.
Actually nor the time. Guess have the same problem.
Well, take ur time with everything, no need to hurry anyway.

The current site does its job :P

See you

im just worried bout the Chatbox... i really missed it... keep up the good work Boss Tensh!! also the improvements based on polls! :D

Yes, it looks so ugly, the promise X_X.
I have some little personal & job problems, but it should be put to a straight line soon.

Now I won't promise anything, but I'll do my best!!

I´ve been busy with exams lately, but now I finally saw the new design. It´s really great! The whole layout, colour schemes and images...excellent work! :)
Very well done!
So how long did you work on that site in the end, roughly?

If I count a raw time of working on the site, it took me about a week. But with pauses and so on, it turned out to be over a month... and there's still many things to do.

I want to modernize gallery, blogs and control panel.

I see. Well, at least it doesn´t get boring, hm? ^^
So this site is still growing, cool. Keep up the
good work! :)

I'm in the middle of making a better chat/shoutbox for YOT, stay tuned. :)

Sounds good!! Though I hope it will still only allow members to shout so we don't have to put up with annoying spammers.

By now it allows anonymous shouts, I'll disable it if it starts making too much trouble.

What about the monkey in chat right now? Does that count as trouble? Or shall we just throw him/her peanuts as that's obviously what he/she wants...

Okay, I'll disable anonymous chatting as I go home.