Toramitsu - Mix02

I don't know how many of you have seen my old TSD combo video, "Toramitsu Mix 01," made back when I was a red belt, but I've finally finished the sequel:

This is all relatively new footage (some of the credits sequences were shot just yesterday), but most of it is several months old at least (the staff forms are from last summer). My technique is hardly as good as I'm capable of doing, but my chances for filming haven't been many lately, and if I can't get someone to hold the camera I have to use my side porch to hold the camera. But, for what it's worth, here it is.

I *will* be working on Mix03 as soon as possible, since there are several forms I wanted to put in this mix but didn't get a chance to film adequately.


nice freestyle now we know why you get called the tiger ninja:D

Awesome footage :) You put much heart in the techniques... and you made me interested in Tang Soo Do. :)

looks like what we do in karate minus the stick

Ma compliment Toramitsu...great work:D

Thanks everyone; mix03 will be a lot better, though. I promise.

@kazuya: TSD took most of its forms from Japanese sources, though they changed them a bit, of course. We do the pinan kata, though we call them pyung ahn hyung, as well. If you've seen mix01, also on my youtube channel, you'll see parts of pyung ahn sa dan and pyung ahn o dan, the 4th and 5th pyung ahn forms. Also, we do variations of the "naihanchi" forms, though we call them "keema hyung," basically a direct translation. Even the name "Tang Soo Do" can be seen as a direct translation of "Karate-do." All martial arts share things; it's inevitable.

If anyone's interested in martial arts discussions, I'd point them to the MartialTalk forums: I post regularly in the TSD forums there.

Tang Soo!


look forward to it