ff 1+2

Hi, i want know what do you make after ff1+2...(so after WS2 it is the same)
There are more actions:

-Bt flash: if suppose that opponent hit(+juggle)

-b3+4, for me very important to evade from any attac

-b1 or db3

-db2,2,2, so for this irregular step there is a strategy: if opponent hit, by db2,2 evade his hit and attac with BT2"high hit"( after df1+juggle) or BT3"mid hit"(+juggle)

-BT suicide(yoshi's show)

Do you have someothers idea?

http://yot.nazwa.pl/yot/page.php?id=143 :)

And, if you're fast enough, you can do f,f+1+2~b+3+4~f,f+1+2 :)

Thanks Ten, in that link there is a full information...:)

So after BT b3+4 make another ff1+2...wow, it is good...i must try it:D

I see that i make BT Deathcopter after solar kick: f,F+1+2~U/B+1+2
So what is its use in match? if(while yo flyning) i make b1 i can miss opponent hit and attac him by BT 2 or 3...There are someothers use?

Another question: Are BT yoshi hits change(more or less BT hits) in TEKKEN DR?

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