I received bad news: the gamingsource hosting company will be cancelling its services on 31th January 2007. :( :( This will result in a great change ... I'll try to find another place to host YOT, maybe buy my own server...


Well DAMN. :dontgetit

Keep us on top of things, would you? And tell me if there's anything I can do to help.


hope things can back to normal as soon as possible.

well this mean that the site might be down for a while?

Please take a look at the new location :) Check your messages and posts: the old location is still up under the address:

Check the galleries. If the file doesn't have a thumbnail: re-upload it. Check the articles if you can (is everything on place?)

Also, the movies aren't up yet, so the whole download section is down.

Have a good time at the new server. :)