No way I'm getting to Poland any time soon....how many YOT people are in the US? Just me?


Haha - Travelling from america to Poland DOES seem abit drastic. But what the heck - sometime ago i was visited by an old friend from Australia. Thats like traveling half the globe across. Thats insane!

I guess it's about the same from the US to Poland. But, well - there's still time to think it over. It's first at may, as Tenshi said.

You should at least consider going, Tora'!
- The more the better i say! :)


Guys just a little update for this weekend,

there is now a team tournament 3vs3

and I will be hopefully recoreding the yoshimitsu group matches, the brackets( inculding the finals) taking pictures, and bringing you guys the results first thing monday morning when I get into college.

so wish me luck for this weekend and remember I'm doing this for you lot and I hope I don't let you down.:)