ok it's coming up to christmas and you need something to do on the run up to christmas.

so i'm going to start a game of dares heres the rules:
1) no life threting dares
2)keep them simple but funny
3) you can challenge anyone to a dare even me
4) i start my idea
5) the first person to complate a dare gets to selcet the next dare and victim if so applicable.

right first dare

i dare one of you to flour bomb your kitchen cupborad.


Um, what if you don't have flour? should I use a substitute?


Err... what exactly is a flour bomb?

@clar:you can use water then.

@greenyoshi:when you open up a bag of flour, put it on the edge of the cupborad and wait for someone to open it and get croved like a christmas ghost.

Hrm.. I would, but the mess... and the cleaning... effort.

yeah but it would be funny.