Moves Which Deserve More????

Fellows of Manji Clan...
I was just going through some old moves list of Tekken Dino Trnka(Dinaga)...He was rating some Moves very poorly....I personally like Ninja Blade Rush very much in T3 but he said its less useful cos we are very close to opponent ..if blocked ...
but i would say...if u do a sword flash/sword block after that.. it would be cool...Ninja Rush and a sword flash to those who think then can catch u after Rush...

Well The points not about the move.. but the move we like more though some may think its less useful... or it gets complicated or something like that ..... Does any one else think there are Moves which Deserve more attention...

I really really think that th Cyclone Lift move really needs some work. The SC version has counter properties where as the Tekken version is - without a doubt - useless. Please namco, do this for me. lol :D

I agree on the Cyclone Lift, it should have either a more powerful damage or a juggle starter (I believe it can actually lift the opp if this is done on the opp's side).

vijay_kumar_cute, i am not familiar with the Ninja Blade Rush you were talking about, is that a series of moves or something?:con

I agree about the Cyclone Lift, and isn't Ninja Blade Rush f,f+2?

I also think there should be a third hit to the Quick Flowing Strike string.

Oh, and f+1+2 needs to track better and lunge further.


If i understand, you see this short Cyclone-lift's juggles:

See ya...

Well...those look like they're from DR, it's hardly worth using at all.


Sorry guys, I can't seem to remember moves by name (at least some of them), but what is Quick Flowing Strike? (BTW thanks Tora for the f,f+2 definition)

Anyway, I just remember Yoshi's 1+2+3 move, exactly what is this move for? Is it as good as 1+4? (I realized it might be kind of slower though)

The main differences between 1+2+3 ("Spirit Shield"? Can anyone confirm this?) and 1+4 (Sword Flash) is, as far as I'm concerned, that 1+2+3 doesn't do any damage and it shoves the opponent away from you (read: longer range). 1+4 is indeed quicker and does damage, but it's very short-ranged and if it hits, it lands the opponent in Yoshi's feet.

It's sort of "use the one that suits you"... some people prefer doing damage and seeing the opponent keel over, but I like having some space between me and the oppontent.

same here, if you have space between you and your oppornant you could make new stragies and it gives you a chance to think of which long range move you do next, if was tekken 5 I would not recoomend f+3+4, because then you fall down and just end up in Indian stance, but if was DR then that move is safe because of the different porpties they put into f+3+4 for DR.

For tekken 5 I would say do a side step move, but I can't be sure if this is the safest apporach so correct me if I'm worng.

ihopethisnamecounts : Sorry guys, I can't seem to remember moves by name (at least some of them), but what is Quick Flowing Strike? (BTW thanks Tora for the f,f+2 definition)

Quick Flowing Strike = df+1+2, 2 - a new combo given to Yoshi in DR.


Hardly ever experienced any players using this 1+2+3 (Spirit Shield/confirmed). Flash totally outbeats that IMO - flahs is indeed one of Yoshi's best moves IMO - at least it's oftenly very feared for it's 5-frames of execution, plus following damage after hit/CH and, in the end, okizeme! :)

1+2+3 does space though. But wanting space is not in my interest. I'm more likely to be offering my opponent kisses and stabs in the stomach upfront rather than spacing (I DO space here and there - i can't keep a pressure all the time!). 1+2+3, i'm afraid, i'm not too keen on. Might need to check frames on that - but i don't see how it can apply any better options than other moves cannot.
- Just my opinion? But i'd very much like to hear any good uses/strategies from 1+2+3?

f+3+4 in T5.X = Risky, but still much, much worth it. Very good range, SAFE (Confirm, please?), 30 damage + guaranteed d/b+3 followup (optional) and 10+ life gain the foe can't do SH*T about.

d/f+1+2, 2 is indeed hardly ever used. But it has it's uses. I've seen Souten using this as a big part of his Okizeme-game as a backroll catcher. But, heck - it's Souten - Master of Parlor Tricks n... stuff!
Too, d/f+1+2 on CH juggles with Sword-Sweep Stable Juggle! (d/f+1-series?) :)

I'd say d/f+1+2 has it's uses! :wink


Good info.

In the category of moves which deserve more recognition, let's add Yoshi's df+1,2. If the second hit lands, you get a free back throw. Do it right and there's nothing the opponent can do about it. Granted, they could always just block the backfist part, but even then it's fairly safe.


Hmm.. Why did i not know of this?

d/f+1,2 = BT 2 (slash SAFE f+2). Oh, well. No guaranteed launcher on BT 2 as far as i remember. And furthermore - most people tends to duck under second hit rather than getting hit by the ~2 :con

f+2 leads to 75-dmg (can anyone confirm damage?) juggle. Pretty neat! :)


I the f+2 and BT 2 alot, and most opponents can't do much about it if it hits.

Whats another move that needs more? Hmmmm, I think kangaroo kick, 3,4 (slide) needs to be a little more faster, It's really hard to land most times.