Upcoming Event in DK


The time, in little DK, has come - an upcoming "gamenight" awaits.

It's held from the 27th of december - so i'm currently practicing all i can to be fit for fighting.

Around the 10th this month (november, 2006) the official "DM"(Danmarks mesterskab - Danish Championship) in Tekken: DR (PSP) were held.
Unfortunetly, i couldn't make it, which was just too sad.

Once in a while, we arrange these "gamenights" - oftenly it's over a weekend where the few (Few people in DK play Tekken - sad, but true!) of us meet up for a good game, some drinking and loads of laughing and so on.

So i'm looking much forward to it - i'll probably get my ass kicked - but as long as i can keep winning all Yoshi vs Yoshi matches and remain the leading DK Yoshi player, i'm glad ;P