How do I view the FAQ files?

and that you visit and post here a lot, but no spamming

i thought post don't count

You just have to be a dedicated fan of Yoshi!

So: Come and read some threads, maybe post a few times, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of YOT!

(I sound like I'm selling something don't I...)

I think the post does get a say of some sort, but I don't know because I'm not admin or the Boss, now I'm I.:p

Lol, OK then. TY

Why not just straight asking me? :)

I have several reasons of not publishing the full version of FAQ worldwide. (The shorter version is available at, the detailed moves analyzis, some combos, but without advanced strategies.)

First one: somebody might steal your work and then post your strategies as their own. By doing this I'm sure nobody is copying me even if he/she comes to the same conclusions.

Second one: Namco company. It might weaken Yoshimitsu moves if they think something is too strong. I prefer not to spread strategies that are very effective. (because in fact Yoshi has some nasty tricks)

Third one: I'm sure that this faq comes to people who are really interested in Yoshimitsu. The only thing I need is making an effort to turn to me in person. "Can you send me FAQ? Level me up?" That's enough. The sole fact of showing interest and making effort means a lot.
Of course you might add that you're a great Yoshi fan etc., it will make you be remembered by me (and so you can expect more attention from me)

And the rules??? About what rules you are talking about? It's my hard work and I have some rights for it. :) Writing it took me long months.

Greenyoshi: I gave you level-up, didn't you notice?

Of course I noticed... It dosen't affect my love of Yoshi either way though.

But in fact it does affect your ability to surf through the site.

So I don't understand what's your point. Explain please.

Hey Tenshimitsu, may i have a level up too?

You have one. Thread closed.

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