Which Character Would You Boot From the Series?

I actually like Bryan Fury. He's fun to play against. Mainly 'cos I always win, though, so I guess that's not a fair answer =)

I want Christie and Eddy to leave, just to get rid of button bashing maniacs. I was getting slaughtered by Lili once as Yoshi, so I went Christie and bashed moves. Won twice in a row. That's all the evidence I need as a reason to boot 'em.

Lili can die as well. Hate playing against her - just isn't fun. She's tedious as hell.

Animal characters can be a bit fun to play against and play with, but I guess they're kinda pointless, despite seeing a couple of players who actually do quite well with them.

About it, methinks. But yes, Tekken does need some kind of retirement plan for the oldies. Give 'em a break! xD

i for one, disagree. i like the oldies, plus i do very well with some movesets. more characters! thew more the merrier :dontgetit

ok, ppl who r directly or indirectly related to the story shudnt leave, but some r soooooooooooooo useless... like Julia, come onn, Forest research??.. thts the best they come up with??

I agree with Manji Z, I don't think Julia and Michelle should be in the lineup, but Eddy and Christie??? Come on!! I know some people button mash and abuse the simplicity of some of their moves, but there are some seriously skilled Eddy players out there. Plus the button mashers know who they are, and trust me, they feel like chumps for not being able to learn their own strategy.

yah ... um not sure about christie, but i think, Eddy keeps some weight on the story... well, its all according to the story im mentioning, nd the Cheddy gameplay, well its easy for button mashers to use the style, but tht isnt a good reasonn to kick em out of the game... :S:S

They should 'Rainbow Drop' Byran outta here! Seriously, who would kill the dudes that have saved you from death? Bryan's ending in Tekken 5 was even more ridiculous... he kills Yoshi. Well, why would he do that for? Should be the other way around. That's why Yoshi's Tekken 5 ending made more sense than Bryan's.

but the sad thing is none of their endings come to life..... lol

Bryan,Sergei,and Anna:p

 I can't really say that I hate a character enought to boot them from the series- at least not anymore.  I don't like Feng Wei all that much, but he's just whatever. :P  He can stick around, I guess. lol!

Lili is kind of annoying, especially with Asuka.  I don't like her fighting style all that much, either, but I dunno if I'd want her gone from the series.  I don't like Asuka all that much, etiher...

 I'd be pretty cruel and cut a few characters.

Bruce and Bryan don't necessarily have the same moveset, I mean that's obvious; but they should integrate them and kick one of them off. I love Bruce's style, but he really has no strong ties to the game or plot outside of being a merc for Kazuya at times right?
Bryan has quite a few plot possiblities and ties, and they in turn could lead to much more....but I've never been a big fan of his fighting style. I get one uses muay thai-ish kickboxing and the other just kickboxing at large...but still.

Baek. I love him as a character but.. 'rang was meant to succeed him. I want that to happen.

I like lili's design but her fighting style is less than desirable. 

Definitely Yoshimitsu. The game's just not fair when someone picks him he always wins

# Kai : Definitely Yoshimitsu. The game's just not fair when someone picks him he always wins

-ROFL!! xD

# Kai : Definitely Yoshimitsu. The game's just not fair when someone picks him he always wins

And then add in Yoshimitsu the xth?