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(at last, I finally found some time to visit this site)

Yeah, I am actually excited to see the happenings on the DTPA thread but was shocked with the vanishing pages...

Well, I saw the signup thread and will be posting there soon...

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Yeah - Why not, Clar.

I'll collect what we've got for our story at DTPA and gather it all for the new thread - i'll have it done by monday, alright?


plz give me info on the story so i can help out here and check out the sign up thread, so people who have signed up for the new story get inculed


I've posted this all before but sadly it vanished alongside the five other pages in the DTPA thread. <brandishes closed fist at glitches>

Anyways, the story so-far...
PS: This may take a while to read, beware lol

Well, the whole thing started when UnknownDNA introduced The Beast into the DTPA thread. It was very exciting and scary when he did so, cause "The Beast was an unstoppable creature of immense and terrible power. A creature of darkness. We had to create ways of destroying it - which was very hard, considering it could move at light-speed (lol). Thus began, the RPG-incoperated into DTPA thread.

The creature of Darkness, The Beats, was a servant to the dark lord, Behemoth. It was an terrible creature! Skin like living blue-veined marble, eyes that stung like a thousand knives and a cry so terrifying, you'd die. (got carried away, but you get the idea, it's scary!)
I think it was jfdhfjug who helped me banish The Beast, can't be sure.
We dug a deep well into the earth, and lured the beast into it, using me as living bait. jfdhfjug tricked me and trapped us both in the well, and sealed it with magical runes and talismans.

Obviously, the beast crushed me as it fell into the depths of the well, but I survived somehow. The Beasts' powers were silenced, for now...
I managed to escape, summoning all the strength I could and re-sealed the well with my sword, leaving it behind.

After that, I sought revenge on jfdhfjug and killed him. lol. using my shadow abillities (I posioned his tea, lol)

NOTE: Beacuse we were still kind-of making it part of DTPA we kept surving each others attacks.

Okay, now here's where I get lost, I really can't remember what happened here, but I think it was nothing so I'll just carry on. UnknownDNA Introduced a new idea that we were all tied to The Beast in someway and this was when It got really intersting.


As it turns out, I happened to be the long lost brother of The Beast, but I never knew cause my memory had been erased a long time ago. Thus leading to the great battle. For being brother to The Beast, I also was part evil with an evil counter-art (evil side). This evil side, revealed itself when I was having a duel with ihopethisnamecounts (no spaces, or IHTNC for short).
I was giving him a real good beating until he suddenly turned into an angel, lol. IHTNC was a fallen angel, and was onced a servant to the High Order. Protector of life and light or something.
After his great transformation, a great battle occured. No one was winning really so nothing that much happened.

Meanwhile... Inside Clar380's mind.
Whilst the evil side of Clar380 controlled his body, the good side was just watching in horror as the battle went on. Whilst watching, he met his concious (named concious), who was a little annoying and intrusive.

Before the battle ended (we both lost and turned back to normal), UnkownDNA appeared and erased our memories again. He was responsible for erasing our memories centuries ago, to protect the world from ourselves.

After a confusing conversation with the weakened eneimies (me and IHTNC) about what happened they went in seperate directions in search of answers.

Clar380 travelled to a small town where jfdhfjug was, they met with the town leader. Who is an old man. lol. Story stops here for Clar380.

In IHTC's travels, he finds a weak and sick man on the side of the road. IHTNC realises that this is Clar380's brother. The Beast!!! In human form!
This man asked for help and his brother (me). IHTNC is a compassionate man and takes him to hospital aware that The Beast may come out at any time. After takng him to the hospital IHTNC went to the mountains to train for the coming battle with the evil Beast.

This is where the story was left at... Someone needd to name Clar380's brother with a proper name please.

I hope this is right, if not please correct me.

Yours sincerely

well that's my holiday now doing this can't wait.

ok so mainly we are all trying to kill the beast and there is a great battle going on to be the ultimate destory the poster warrior.

ok i will write up the new story with a bit of editing, send it to clar and clar edits it and send it back as the final draft and i will put it up.


I have an even better idea. we can't change the story in any way. Just go back into the DTPA thread and read the stroy. the pages are still there, just press the rpevious page button. I think the stroy starts from page 13 or 14.

some people might have noticed a few changes in DTPA thread conserning my chreacter Fastlegs of Fury.

so here is a edit to my chreacter profile

New Weapon
Golden gun (just like in the game 007 Goldeneye)
Green Lightsaber (Star Wars style)

now people can't say I'm cheatin now always having the gun part in my DTPA posts I make.

oh yeah someone destory me already.

I want a laugth.:D

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