Ki Charge + f,f+2

I noticed lots of activities on other forums here but very little on yoshi's moves (perhaps the FAQ has it all :)) so let me ask this guys.

I can't seem to time the f,f+2 properly as a CH to an opponent move (sadly as well as 1+4). Then it suddenly hit me, why not just do a Ki charge before doing it, that way f,f+2 and other moves are guaranteed CHs.

Your thoughts?

Also is there a way to time these moves properly rather than plain practice (like motion hints / move anticipation / etc)?

Really it depends. It's only really garanteed if the oponent never blocks because they can block your Ki-charged Sword Smash (f,f+2). What I do is do a basic uppercut and a d+f + circle and wait for him to get up. And the space left between you and the opponent is just right to do a sword smash succesfully, because he would want to attack you straight away becuase he thinks that he's safe because of the distance. It always works against the computer and my brother so it must be alright

(It mostly works)

You're right about the blocking part, at first I thought it was unblockble (I had to try it out for myself, sorry).

But I think it would really help if you try to move forward (on a close enough range to hit the sword smash) to provoke your opponent to attack then time the sword smash (could work for some).

I realize this after I fought a computer while training. I always got beaten by this provoking move (advance forward then quickly hit back).

I need to remind myself not to be too aggressive...:)

Your avatar... It's Marvin!!! HItchhikers guide to the universe. lol

Yeah, I kinda share his depression (but not his uber big brain) as of the moment...

"Forty two!" :)

Yeah, he was actually the only character that made me laugh when i read the book. i tink the movie ruined him a bit. But anyways, i know the real meaning to life.

I wouldn't recommend this f,f+2. It catches sidesteppers, okay! But it's too many frames, and it's not that damaging.

On CH it penetrates the opponent, leaving Yoshi BT with the too far away to make any oki-game.

Oki is Yoshi's game, men! -.-

Instead i'd go for the launcher and the 50-60 dmg (plus wall, if you're close enough)

Well - just my thoughts.


have no idea what you said. lol.

Which part :O_o

some of it i can understand, but most of it is still a mystery.

If it's oki then I guess you already found the meaning somewhere in this forum...:D