Our Photos...

can't find mine,

im going to kill someone and i need to save up now to.

christmas wishlist
1) gaultar hero 2
2) new digital camera
3) win a tekken tournament

My Pic.... in Himalayas... Guess u can call me Jr Rambo


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thats mine (again)

well nice to see you back

where did you disapper too:D

I like this my photo...

what is that cup ment to say?:con

This photo made this summer while i had breakfast( 15 minutes after i get up:D)
Of course in that cup there is coffe!!:wink

well there I am again, decied to change my photo to a recent one from my Mobile phone.

damm my hair is growing too much better get my hair cut next month, which means I will be back to my spiky look.

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*testing* Does this work? *testing*

Yaaaay - It's works! Sorry for the guy on the pic, guys - it's... Me :p


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You want pics of me, just visit my youtube: http://www.youtube.com/jttheninja


ok I give up, how did you do that spiderman stance on the tree trunck?

that was just so....... I'm speachless for words.

That dude knows his tricks 'n' moves! Nice!!!!

Can we like - request some tricks, Tora? - Cause i was missing just one move! :D


Hah. Well the Spiderman thing was half movie magic. I can hold that position on a flat vertical surface (wall, tree trunk, what have you) for maybe a second, maximum, before I either leap off or gravity takes me.

And as to requests, so long as it doesn't require backflips, I'll see what I can do. I'm not an acrobat, just a ninja.


might update mine soon, ill spare you the body building pics :D

Hah - was actually precisely THAT which would have been my request! Guess "mind-reader" fits you well too!!? :p hehehehe!