What DON'T you like about Yoshi?

Look at us! we're totally of topic, lol. Talkin about avatars, how come some pictures that i want as avatars dont work? Is there something wrong with the site or is it just me?

Clar: God hates you! :D :D :D

He is after all a dark angel, but he just doesn't know it yet...:D

Maybe nobody really has something against our guy, yoshi.

what the hell? how does that help me? I asked how come some pictures that i want as avatars dont work when i try to upload them? Is it just me or is there something wrong with the site? Deja vu.

clar380 : what the hell? how does that help me? I asked how come some pictures that i want as avatars dont work when i try to upload them? Is it just me or is there something wrong with the site? Deja vu.
[offtopic]I've noted it sometimes take a while to update your avatar. You upload a new pic, it won't show up immediately.[/offtopic]

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Thanks koga! you always seem to answer the questions that are actually usefull.

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You know the thing i don't like about yoshi is? He always seems to be smiling, you know. It was cool when he smiled at something horrible, but now, it seems he smiles at nice things too. They should make a mask that shows his mouth, that why we can actually see some form of emotions, but that'd really destroy his mysteriousness, don't you think?

Absolutely nothing. Yoshimitsu is my master and I must follow his orders willingly. The only thing I could possibly disagree with him on is if he actually killed Kunimitsu, because she was cool. Even so, I wouldn't mind his action, it just would disappoint me not to see Kunimitsu again. But I doubt he did kill her, because if he did, they would have made a big deal out of it like when he kills Bryan. So, there is nothing I don't like about Master Yoshimitsu. At all.

Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur is a different story. He's definitely my favorite SC character, but I feel that his moves aren't as powerful or organized as Tekken Yoshimitsu. In Tekken, I say if Yoshimitsu can't do it, no one can, but in SC I say if Yoshimitsu can't do it, well, maybe Xianghua or Raphael or maybe Astaroth can. But, Yoshimitsu is still my master regardless of being in Tekken or SC.

I dont see him as my master, really. I see him as a person to model myself after. He's soo cool, but i wouldn't want to be his slave.

mmmm maybe i can show u how to be a ninja too Yoshi's diciple as i am the missus.

Lol, the missus. hehe. I suppose you'd know all about being his salve. LOL.

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Lately, when thinking, i must say i'd like to see a darker side of Yoshi' - just as i have a good feeling we're gonna see more of this in the upcoming Tekken! :D

Hmm....things I don't like. Well, I adore him, but there's quite a bit, especially since I'm an even bigger Kunimitsu fan. :P

For starters: He's not graceful enough. He used to be - Gosh, tekken 4 Yoshi was just...
~Huggles him tightly~ Adorable beyond belief! But...tekken 5 he began to feel clunky. Now he's ...interesting, but in tekken 6, he only seems graceful when he's adorned with his awesome player 2 outfit, or when customized. And that's only in looks, and not in style, sadly...

Raven outdoes him as a ninja. Yoshi's a samurai, and there's nothing ninjaish anymore about him, as much as I hate to say it, other than the move where he's sitting, then teleports to be back by d+3+4, b (when enemy's close). Raven can teleport everywhere, anytime.

But in my opinion, true manji died when Kuni vanished...since her departure, to me, there's been no Manji clan, and I wish that if she were to return, and Yoshi were to regain some of his grace, the manji party would be alive again.

Still....I guess that's more-so a criticism to the Manjikai, but you can see how it applies to Yoshimitsu in transitive property.

yoshi is like a combination of a ninja and a samurai, although what i dont like with him in tekken 6 is that, he does not move that fast for a ninja, but anything else, I LIKE YOSHIMITSU!!!!!!!!! :yes

and, yoshimitsu is a ninja! even though he cant do the hand things that raven does...

yoshimitsu studied MANJI NINJUTSU NOT PURE NINKUTSU thats why he does not know those things... although he uses kenjutsu now, and fist fighting...

I can't say there is anything I truly do not like about Yoshimitsu... the only thing standing out in my mind, is his English Deathcry in Soul Calibur II - I don't dislike him because of it, but it stands out, because it haunted me for a long time, whenever I would try to get to sleep (and this was before I was a real fan of Yoshi-san)...