My idea for a spin-off game

You'd be Yoshimitsu. The gameplay would be similar to Death by Degrees.

-It would start after Yoshimitsu's Tekken 2 ending and chronicle his story during the 19 years between Tekken 2 and 3.

-You'd be able to get at least five costumes with abilities (T1 could be faster because he doesn't have his trick wrist and can't hover, T4 could fly, T5 could have better defense because of his armour, possibly a SC costume).

-In the story, you'd use his Tekken 2 and 3 costumes and Kunimitsu would play a role similar to Anna's in Death by Degrees (rival and final boss). It would explain her fate as well (death or defeat).

-Critical strike would be replaced with Yoshimitsu stabbing or slashing his enemy and cause colossal damage if you stabbed their organs. What do you think?

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I haven't played Death by Degrees though but still a great idea! It could feature what the Manji Village looks like and what other creatures live there.. Or it can reveal yoshi's sensei (if ever he has) or other manji personalities..

I would LOVE to play that game!

-Death by Degrees is a cool game. Its just hard at times.

-In DBD, Nina starts with no weapon and her special move is a jump kick. She can pick up guns and swords (including Yoshimitsu's sword, Yoshimitsu) and the special move becomes using the weapon. Yoshimitsu would start with his sword and could pick up kunai, shurikens and additional swords. he could even find SC Yoshimitsu's flag and use it.

-Another feature could be Kunimitsu mode. You'd play as Kunimitsu in a mini game that takes place at a certain point in the main game. Apparently, in anna mode, you can unlock Heihachi for completing it. In Kunimitsu mode, you could get another character.

-I had another idea that could work with any game and would be cool here. Manji Clan members would help you out at times and if they died, you could pick up their weapon and it'd guide you to its owners' killer and you'd get more points for avenging them with their own weapon.

-The title could be something like "Secrets of the Manji Clan." Just a quick thought.

-I read that Yoshimitsu dropped out of the second tournament to save Boskonovitch. It could start with Kazuya announcing that Yoshi's opponent is the winner by default because he dropped out. It would show Yoshi running through a forest then recreate his Tekken 2 ending.

I would buy it hell!! I would buy 9 more!!

 I too have often thought about how cool it would be to have a good Tekken spin-off game featuring Yoshimitsu.

I can imagine that a game more like what The 4th Snake described would be more realistic than what I have in mind, though. :P  I always thought it would be fun to have some relatively unknown, up-and-coming game development studio take on the task of making a Yoshimitsu origin story game.  However, the catch would be to make the game without people knowing that it's Yoshimitsu as the main character.  Like, they'd have the main character be an unknown, unnamed ninja who's a member of this secretive ninja clan.

The leader of the ninja clan has gone mad with power, killing all who oppose him with his demonic sword.  Our hero ends up going through an epic struggle to defeat their evil leader, eventually becoming the leader himself.  He'd have a strong female companion whose identity would also be a mystery to the player.  They wouldn't know the names or faces of the two characters, so the story and character development would have to be top notch to establish that important interest in the characters.

It'd be a cool ninja action game, fighting demons and other powerful ninja characters- the higher ups in the the clan who want to stop the young hero.

In the end, he kills the evil leader and, in doing so, takes posession of the sword and becomes the new leader.  It's then that he dons his trademark armor and mask, and his female companion is seen standing next to him, wearing a white fox mask. :)  Then someone actually calls him by his new name, Yoshimitsu.

It would imply that Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu were friends before he became the leader, and perhaps once he took that position, she grew a little bitter and felt that she could have become the leader instead.

I dunno, just a thought I had a while ago. :P  It would be really hard to keep such a high-profile character a secret, so it would probably never happen... >_>