What are they for? I've noticed that I have two and others with higher levels than me have less.

Probably your post count.

I hope you don't mind me using you as an example, ihopethisnamecounts.
ihopethisnamecounts has 52 posts and 1 star. This is my 23rd and I have 2.

If I had to guess by the names Members and Tekken Fan, I'd say it's about time spent online.

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No problem, The 4th Snake, I wouldn't mind...:)

Maybe it's based on your yoshi skills (really appropriate to mine if that's the case) :D

Or your "age" on this site, perhaps?

It could be time spent online.

are you sure you did not ask a member of site admin or tenshi to upgrade?

I too Want a Star:D

And I want stars too!! x.x

*Cries in a corner*

you big babys

you lot are acting like little kids who can't get their on way with their mothers at the toy shop:D:D:D

if you so badly want stars ask Saint Niclos, maybe he will bring stars into your bedroom for christmas day.:D:D:D

Yeah, I will then.

Or then again, prehaps I'd have more luck seeking the mystical powers of the mysterious mods...

*Puppy dog eyes*

well it is a imporvement from crying i surpose

I guess so.

But I still want stars. T_T

If I have a lot of stars then join date might have to do w/ it. Otherwise I'm not sure, maybe tenshi likes you better than everyone else :wink

I think it's something that a mod has to manually do to you.

The same promotion that you need to be able to read the FAQ's prehaps?

I think it is about how much you vist the site and how much you contorbute to the site

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