Destroy the poster above

Humph! No one can possibly kill better than me. ahahahha

Dinaga was too busy laughing that he accidentally shot himself in the leg with his gun, he fell over onto a particularly sharp stalagmite. He's not dead yet (mwuahahaha). Clar appears from the darkness, injects him with some secret formula he created in the lab. Dinaga skin falls off and he dies horribly of hypothermia. hehehe.

oh well thanks for killing my next victim Clar as usual you hog all the glory.

well never mind.

first Fastlegs rises up from the dead as usual.

Clar380:" I hate it when you do that"
Fastlegs "I know, one minute please, just have to shoot no type"

Fastlegs shoots the dead Dinga.

and then Fastlegs sends a bolt of lighting on clar380 which frys him extra crispy and them throws him into the firey pits of hell, clar 380 is now resting in peace.

**Fastlegs rolls up her eyes into the back off head**

*Unknown jumps out of f***ing nowhere (Korean style!!!) and pushes Clar out of the spot just in time!*

The lightning bolt misses it's target, and Fastlegs, so sure of her victory, now standing with "eyes in the back of her head" sees nothing of the happenings.

Swiftly, with lightning speed, Unknown (The Beast, anyone? :P) picks up Clar, and sends him through the air with fierce power. The airborne Clar draws his blade, and severs his female enemy in two with a furious blow.

Clar lands elegant on his feets two metres away, as his foe is split in two, and falls apart. Clar turns around to thank his rescuer, but The beast has vanished. "Darn!" yells Clar.

*He turns around, and moves on, prepared for whatever lies ahead!*

right double killing coming up as clar380 leaves the pits of hell speed of the night flys towards clar380 and sets him alight.

clar 380 dies.

speed of the night with his special powers brings fastlegs back together and tells fastlegs where Unknown is, Fastlegs hugs her loyal pet.

Fastlegs then runs right in front of Unknown in 15 seconds and gets out her light saber and cuts Unknown in half, unknown dies

*The earth is invaded by Aliens, and fastlegs is caught up imbetween a cosmic fight. She suffers a horrible death from a beam og bio-acid, and half her head melts away.

The dead bodies of everyone, (including Clar, Fasty and Unknown) is all collected and lowered into a bio-pool. The biomass of all who dies is collected here, and used as bio material for breeding new alien lifeforms.

- Each and everyone is hereby no more than pieces of, perhaps, hundred thousand aliens.*

Looking forward for you getting yourself out of this one ^^

and it is the 500th post on this thread so it is speacil,

this is a whole kill of YOT members,

The allins turn out to be the admins Kogamitsu and Dinga.

Fastlegs has something inside of her that is so special that she can not be melted in the bio pool.

Fastlegs all of a sudden wakes up and jumps up high to get her gun out to shoot Dinga in the head and heart, Koga trys to get her gun out and shoot Fastlegs but Fastlegs uses her arms to point Koga's gun downwards and then Fastlegs gets out her lightsaber and dices Kogamitsu in half.

afterwards Fastlegs is full of so much evil, so can not stop her ran page, she then lowers Unknowns and Clar's Body into the bio pool of acid, they bodys disintergrate into nothing ness.

then Fastlegs finds Tiger ninja Toramitsu and Raven Taking to each other in a near by field, Fastlegs destorys Raven no problem but Toramitsu puts up a fight but a trsty sidekick of Fastlegs will not let her best friend die hard, speed of the night breaths Fire onto Toramitsu, toramitsu burns and Dies.

Speed of the night then flys Fastlegs all over the world to destory, Tekken Brother, YME Kazaua, amemitsu and Pukemitsu, then Fastlegs arrives in Poland to destory the boss Tenshimitsu.

but Di and Kamikaze stopped Fastlegs getting into Tenshi's shine, so Fastlegs had no choice but to throw her Lightsaber like a bommerrang and Kami and Di was dieced in half.

Then Tenshi came out to see to her dead comrades and Tenshi being prepared drew out her lightsaber, Tenshi and Fastlegs fight it out for a whole hour but eventurlly fastlegs chops off Tenshi's arm to leave Tenshi defesless, but instead of Fastlegs killing Tenshi with her Lightsaber, she grabs Tenshi's Lightsaber and cuts off Tenshi's head with both Lightsabers

There that is a whole Kill of YOT.

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this was just because it was 500th post on this thread that I did the whole Kill, anyone can retalate anywhy they want.

I rise out of hell to post one last time, the flames licking my blade. Fastlegs cowers in fear as I spread my wings and laugh maniacally. In the air, with the tip of my sword, I draw the kanji for void, whatever it is, and the sky, and the land blacken, the only light emitting from the chasm as it spits the fires of hell forth. I slowly hover toward him, but then in a flash, I am behind him, my sword covered with burning blood. I twirl it to clean it's edge, sheathing it with a definitive "Namu."

Fastlegs realizes he has been sliced in half and screams as he explodes in blood.

I descend into hell again...never to return.

Manji Clan Member I'm a GIRL

The shocking fact of this coming to Manji Clan's Mind, as he flys back down to hell lava comes out of no where and burns Manji Clan to a crisp.

now we won't indeed have to see you again.

*takes sword and starts slicing her like a wood-chipper,she falls into little chunks and hand feeds her to the vultures*

ah new blood, I will take pleasure in being the first to destory you.

(you know what I can't really be asked today.)

Speed of the Night (Fastlegs loyal Pet Dragon) Kills Ninja-guy and puts Fastlegs back together with his speacil Fire.

Fastlegs shoots Ninja guy to add insult to injury.

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*throws fastlegs into a bag of dragon feed and whistles for Speed of the Night*

I think my pet Dragon is smarter then that, Fastlegs rolles up her eyes to get into Speed of the nights mind to tell him not to eat the dragon feed and kill yoshifan5.

speed of the night obeys and kills yoshifan5.

fastlegs gets out of the bag of dragon feed and shots yoshifan5

Clar380 uses new found ability to control animals, and commands the dragon to burn fastlegs to sinders. clar380 plucks out fastleg's eyes before she could roll them up and orders dragon to eat them.

and I have a ablity as well to see it comin.

fastlegs puts on her special eye out glasses(which allow me to see when you pluck my eyes out) and because they have the same abilty as my real eyes, Fastlegs controls speed of the night just in time and tells Speed of the night that clar380 was trying to kill her, speed of the night gets angry and toasts Clar380 to dust.

Fastlegs goes and gets the controling device and destroys it in some lava.

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now leave my poor pet dragon alone you lot, he has got a magrine now thanks to clar380 and yoshi fan 5.:((

hahaha. call the SPCA (Society for Protection against Cruelty to Animals). lol


becoz clar380 was burned int dust, the dust went up the draogns nose and made him(her?) sneeze fire on fastlegs. Fastlegs never saw it coming. Her real eyes were burned and her backup eyes melted.