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Hey I swear killing me twice in the same way is agaist the rules.:con

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too lucky for me I rolled my eye's up after I asked my self that stupid question.

as fastlegs brought her self back to life the laugth of clar380 was starting too get a bit stupid
"only evil monsters and vampires laugth with evil on their mind, but clar380 is starting to get a bit silly now" says fastlegs to herself.

"oh and no man or woman dead or alive can get away from me, I will catch the evil spirt of clar380 if it is the last thing I do." shouts fastlegs in the cave.

just then shadow of the night starting acting up. fastlegs could tell something was up.
it was clar380 she brought him self back to life.

"this time I will kill you once and for all Clar380!" shouts fastlegs.

shadow of the night goes stright into action and trys to set clar380 on fire, but clar380 gets out of the way just in time and as Sahdow flys past Clar380, clar shoots Shadow stright down into the ground. fastlegs starts to get a bit tearful and runs over to shadow. to find her pet dead.

and clar380 saw the chance to finish off Fastlegs, but fastlegs got out her lightsaber and de-flceted clar380 attack, which sent clar 380 into a wall of the cave at a very fast force. and as clar hit the wall the cave started to collespse. fastlegs picked up shadow and made like the wind out of the cave, clar380 was left there to die. after the cave had collepsed fastlegs blows up the rubble from the cave which clar380 was in with Gunpowder.

"that's it, now stay dead clar380"

fastlegs recovers Shadow back to full health with the power of her eyes and Fastlegs rides on the back of Shadow into the moonlight.

While fastlegs is posing for his avatar, yoshifan jumps off the turnbuckle. THE FLYING ELBOW DROP!!!!!! Fastlegs is out cold! TKO! Yoshifan wins the match [/excitement]

Yoshifan not the best place to match me in a wrestling arena.

as yoshifan celebrates his win and leaves the arena the lights go out and the usual gong goes off in the background, all of a sudden a lighting bolt comes out of no where and nearly hits Yoshifan.

and then the lights go back on and yoshifan looks like he has seen a ghost, fastlegs was back on her feet.

yoshifan goes running back into the ring but this time fastlegs was ready for him and as yoshifan tryed to go for another flying elbow drop, fastlegs gets yoshifan around the neck and sends yoshifan for a chockslam and then picks yoshifan up and gives him a tombstone piledriver.

after that fastlegs goes and puts yoshifan in a casket and burys him alive.

that's what you get yoshifan when you call me a boy, when I'm indeed a girl.

and you chosse the wrong day to mess with me aswell because today is my 19th birthday, so let that be a lesson to you all, never come out to destory me on the 25th of april or you will Rest In Peace(fastlegs rolls her eyes into the back of her head)


I see... Happy birthday? And you've surruptiously updated your age. How clever! I dare'nt kill you on your birthday but let me point out that it's no longer the 25th of April in my part of the world so I will be making an exeption just for you. lol. :D (don't take seriously)

Oh... And the last time i killed you, you got melted by the dragon's stomach acid, not eaten. And if you don't mind me saying, you did happen to bring a second dragon into the picture, so that makes us somewhat even. Happy?


After lowering the casket that held a live and screaming yoshifan5, fastegs wipes her brow with her sleeve, groaning at the task of having to pile the dirt back into the grave. It began to rain and she was beginning to loose her footing on the muck, muddy ground. She could barely hear the screaming of yoshifan5 when she saw the most palest and deathly image of clar380 satnding on the opposite side of the grave. He grinned maliciously.
"What are you doing back here?" she announced, throwing down the spade, realising how hard it is to get rid of this wretched person.
Clar380 mearly laughed, but no sound came from his mouth. fastlegs found this an improvement, as she openly dispised his laugh.
"Good! You're a ghost. Come to haunt me?" she teased. Clar380 glared at her in utter rage, screaming and yelling, thought no sound came.

Clar turned his back to her, as if he were talking to some unseen person. fastlegs peered curiously over his shoulder to see who it was, but no one was there. Bewildered, she wagered a closer look, stepping dangerously clser to the muddy edge. All of a sudden clar380 spun around to face her, grinning wildly. fastlegs got a fright and fell into the half-filled grave, trying her hardest to claw her way out but it was no use. The rain had made the walls of the grave too slippery to climb. She swore at the bemused ghost of clar380 who was hopping and skipping joyfully in the rain. He used what energy he had to throw a rock at her head and knocked her out then dissappeared. fastlegs sunk slowly into the grave and drowned soundlessly in the watery grave next to the suffocated yoshifan5.

How was that? Befitting of the birthday girl.
What did you get for your b'day?

[off topic] I see the birthday beats is still a tridation on YOT.:D

[on topic] it looks like I have to put a song into your head clar380,
"you shouldn't visit me at my grave, my hands will grab you througth the dirt".

clar380 knew that voice but could not put a finger on who sung it, as clar380 countiues to walk he is suddly grabed by a hand from a grave in the ground and then more hands come from graves in the ground.

all of a sudden clar380 was traped by zombies and creatures of the night, as clar380 was asking for mercy of the zombies and Creatures of the night, he saw fastlegs had come out of the grave and was controlling the zombies and the creatures of the night "and don't try to control them they only obey me" says fastlegs.

fastlegs then signiles the creatures and zombies to bury clar380 alive, next to the already dead yoshifan.

after the zombies and creatures go back to their grave and had killed clar380 by bruying him alive.

fastlegs walks off into the stormy night.

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to be quite honest this is my best birthday present so far A YOT BIRTHDAY BEATING! someone else want to try to destory me today, I don't care who it is because you will all Rest In Peace. oh and thanks for the present clar:)

Okay Ill give this a go:

When Fastlegs walks into the stormy night didnt realise that it was stormy for a reason. A tornado had been brewing up, And Fastlegs not noticing walks into the center of it. All of a sudden she flies along with all the wreckage of houses and etc that the tornado was carrying. While rotating in circles with the tornado, her head is smacked against the wreckage causing her to be unconcious.

When the storm end she falls onto a sharp tip of a mountain, causing her to be impaled meaning death. The End =P

Hi Kman! welcome, but I hate to be the first person to kill you, but I can't let any of the others do it either, so I'm somewhat obligated to. hehehe


Clar380 drifted dreamily through the misty remains of the passing storm, humming soundlessly to himself. He liked being a ghost, apart from the sideaffect of being dead, he liked it. He liked the floating feeling and being able to fly, and especially liked being invisible. Or the more easier for him to scare people.

The passing storm had blown itself northward, and the impaled figure of fastlges was silhouetted against the setting sun. A fine image indeed, he thought. Grnning all the while. After floating around for a while, he noticed someone he'd never met before. Curiously he made himself invisible and snuk behind this stranger. Took a deep breah and let loose a powerfull wind that blew the poor fellow away, screaming, arms flailing all about. The wretched soul landed heavily on a large rock poking from the ground, blood spreading from his/her head.

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Kman is a male for your info clar380.

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as clar 380 was scaring Kman, fastlegs rolled up her eyes and telported out of the tornado and then quickly ran off to the ghostbuster shop, got a ghost trap and zapper, came back just as clar380 had killed Kman and came from behind and zapped clar380 into the ghost trap.

after that fastlegs put the scraming soul of clar380 back into his grave and buried the soul of clar380.

after that was done fastlegs got Kman and took him to the local hospital opend up Kman with a sharp scaple and shot his opend heart with her golden gun.

double killing damm I'm evil.:D

being a ghost clar380 could easily escape from the grave simply by flying through the casket and phasing through the dirt and mud. When he reached the surface he mearly floated around in a dream state, unaware of his surroundings. A fair ways away, he heard a loud gunshot and flew over to see what all this noise was. fastlegs had just finished shooting Kman mercilessly, he chest laid open, his heart blown and torn into pieces.
"How dare she!" clar cried soundlessly, anger brewing in his empty soul. "How dare she kill him off before me!" Fastlegs' gun hand dropped lazily to her side, he hand spattered lioghtly with blood. Although, technically, clar had killed him first, fastlegs made sure he stayed dead. Curses, he thought. If only he could hold a gun. And as abruptly as he thought that, an idea came to mind.

He invisiblised himself and crept beside her. Clar took a deep breath and plnged himslef into the body of fastlegs, possesing her. He felt fastlegs' will fighting against him, but the suddeness of the attack had stunned her that she couldn't react quick enough.
Clar told fastlegs' hand to lift, pointed the gun towards her chest and pulled the trigger. With a resounding bang, and a soft thud, fastlges lay dead in the mud, beside her helpless victim.
Clar380 luaghed hesterically, jumping up and down. His soundless celebration unheard.

clar 380 was jumping up and down that he forgot one thing, Fastlegs either dead or alive had control of the zombies and creatures of the night.

as soon as clar380 walked away in he's victory walk, the zombies and creatures of the night started to bring fastlegs back to life.

a few days later.....

clar380 had manged to get himslef a new body to take control of thanks to his very good ninja skills and made his body into something like jacks but all the weapons hidden so well that no one would guess he was a robot and was a normal human being.

also clar380 had put he's whole soul into his new robot body that if anything was to go wrong Clar380's soul would be traped in the robot's body for ever and not be able to escape.

clar380 was in his new body in a underground laboutory when he heard a crash.

"no I killed you" shouts Clar380.

Fastlegs was back more evil and cold looking then ever, her skin was so peal now that it was the colur of a ghost.

Clar380 throught it was all just a dream, so put his hand out to feel for Fastlegs, while also closing his eyes.

Just as Clar380 touched Fastlegs Chest, Fastlegs slapped Clar 380 accros the face and then went into punches right into the walls of the Labboutory.

the fight went on for ages all the time Fastlegs just kept puonding Clar380, evnturlly Fastlegs got borad and decied to finish Clar380 off, Fastlegs sent Clar380 into a tombstone Piledriver and then with clar380 circuits knocked out, Fastlegs put her hand into Clar380's wires and ripped all of them out bring the robot and Clar380 to a end.

Fastlegs then sets the laboutory on FIRE to make sure Clar380 is dead for sure this time and then runs out of the cave in two seconds to go and get something to eat.:D

The discombobulated machine, that was the body of Clar380, lay in a ruinous heap, sparks flying, gears churning and whirring in the heat of the blazing inferno that fastlegs had lit. Clar380 cursed himself a fool for letting himself become so vulnerable, inside a mechanical case. How could he have let his gaurd down so easily? He wouldn't let it happen again...

After enduring what seemed an eternity in the blistering heat, he realised he didn't even have pain sensors put into his suit, then decided his soundless cries for help would do him no good. Slaping himself mentally he began to devise himself plan to escape, which wasn't easy, considering that he was a ghost, had no brain and often drifted into a dream state where time seemed to fly past. In the end he had none, and decided he'd have to wait.

Hundred or so years later...

In this time, he was still trapped within the mechanical prison he had foolishly made, just waiting as usual. Though nothing ever came down to the laboratories apart of the scavengers of the night and over-sized rodents, He'd learned to become acustomed to their presence, even learning their ways. He had learned alot this way. He learned how to free his concious and travel anywhere he liked but without any physical affect on anything.

One day he sent his mind to fastlegs. He'd been tracking her since he learned this new skill and found it quite useful. Today she was eating a meal at adiner sonwhere in the countryside. She was looking fairly old these days, sun spots and all. He luaghed at the thought. She looked old, but clar could see she was still as sharp as she ever was, perhaps even more, but that mattered nothing to clar, he just wanted to see how she was doing, hoping she'd die of a heart attack or be hit by a car. Clar's mind drifted closely to fastlegs, her eyes turned dangerously close to seeing him, but she never did see him. She took a bite off a peach and miscalculated her bite. Her false teeth had come loose and fell out and took a largeer piece then she could take and choked to death on the large seed in it. Clar380 whirled in exitement, laughing hysterically at her pair of teeth sliding across the table. fastlegs died.

Gosh, what a long one...


really clar380 you are so losing it.

never mind fastlegs comes back up from the dead makes a time merchince,
to stop all Clar380 ansissters coming back to life and killing fastlegs ansissters.

oh and to make things better Fastlegs hided the time merchine, because once you go back in time in it you can be younger again.

2007 labortory...

the original fastlegs bumps into her ansisster and tells her ansissster that clar380 is not really dead in the cave, and to go back in there and pull clar380 out of the rubble.

so the fastlegs of the future did so, and after they had set the laboutory a blaze, they got clar380 and put a grande in him and throwed him into the blazing labotory ruins.

and fastlegs went back into her past, but still young, I will never get old now:D


fastlegs : haha

really clar380 you are so losing it...

I know, I should stop then..


Out of plain coincedence, and younge and much moe handsome (hehe) clar380 appeared right next to fastlegs. She seemed shocked for a moment and quickly gained her composure, "How did you get there... here. um? Urgh!!!" She was utterly confused as to how someone she had just destroyed had suddenly reappeared healthy and alive. Clar seemed more lost then she did and asked plainly, "who are you? Im from the past".
That makes sense, fastlegs brooded silently, wondering wheather to kill him or let him live.

She challeneged him to a duel, her sword at the ready, it's blade shining dimly in the gloom of the ruined laboratory. Clar accepted, bowed and drew his own. She dashed towards him, he dogded with ease and took a chance at her side, but she parried barely in time. She seemed unimpressed though grinned wildly, as though she were enjoying this. Clar380 took a defensive stance; his legs set widely, arms at shoulder height and sword set horizontally, he waited for her next move. She relaxed her shoulders and let her arms fall to her side rolled up her eyes. Although clar didn't (at this time) know what this was, she watched curiously keeping his gaurd up. The air began to stir around her, growing stronger and stronger until it seemed she were in the center of a whirlwind or something. Then all of a sudden, fastlegs exploded. Body pieces flying all over the place.

Disgusted clar380 ran off without another word.

Meanwhile... The dead soul of the present clar380 luaghed mockingy as he met fastlegs in the after life. He said, " I knew your powers were random, but that was just weird". fastlegs shrugged her shoulders, "I didn't expect that."

off topic: ok you still have it using my own powers agaist me really, well lets see if the spider man movie helped me get a good way to destory you.

on topic:

as fastlegs and clar380 was chatting away in the after life, fastlegs saw some poor soul in trouble it was clar380's anisister from the life before after life (hope that makes sense).

Fastlegs went down and destoryed the Clar380 in the life before after life, went into the reminds of clar380's body and then rolling up her eyes trasforamed the body into her own body.

the ghost of clar380 Dies due to what fastlegs had done, no clar380, means no ghost for clar380 to be.

Fastlegs then decieds to act a bit spiderman and go and play with some sky scrapers.

Being Spiderman and pretending to be Spiderman hadn't porperly made itself clear to fastlegs as she ran towards the edge of a the one hundred and thirty-two metre tall sky scraper.. She ran light-footed towards the edge, made a great leap for the next building and squeezed her wrist to make the sticky silk come out. She didn't realise until then that she had no special spider powers. With a shriek of terror she plunged down towards the cement paving below, watching her death coming closer and closer, the wind sweeping up her hair. Splat!!!

Way up in the heavens, the soul of clar380 (the present one) looked away in shock as he saw his enemy fall needlessly to her death. Of all the unfair things he had seen in his life, this was the worst. "I was supposed to kill her, not gravity! Darn you gravity!"

offtopic: That was easy, you should know me by now. Don't leave anything for me to use against you.

Oh, @ Tenshi: The new skin is looking pretty good so far, can't wait to see the end product. :):):):):)