Destroy the poster above

*drowns UnknownDNA in a pool of enbalming fluid and donates his body to science. His body is cut to peices and sent to help dieing people all over the world, yet his tainted body parts kill hundreds when their bodys reject the vital organs and such.*

*"Jfd', the savior of the world." - Those were the headlines of most newspapers around the globe. But doubt of this being the end of the rapidly evolving plagues rampage fills his mind.

Around the world, people was saved from Jfd's donation of the part of a beast - the beast which once led a fierce race of rapidly evolving aliens in an attempt to drive human kind to extinction - Or so they thought!

From within these people, a great threat now lured. Silently, these life saving organs would come to show their true form. Rapidly, they mutated and evolved. And so these people became hosts. Hosts with but one purpose; Beacons.

Jfd; The savior of humainty, and slayer of a greater beast would soon learn that his action was but the trigger of a greater whole. From these hosts, which later made function as bio-beacons, a great thread was, once again awakened from its sleep, and it had heard the call it's master!
- From this very moment, a foul beast was, once again, approaching.
Current destination; Earth.*

Refusing to attempt to kill UnknownDNA, whom I respect as an equally/more powerful entity then myself; I turn upon jdhfjug. With a smirk, I Use the command of the void to manipulate space and evicerate jdhfjug. I then capture his blood in a magically sealed jar, and present it to UnknownDNA upon resurrection.

(Okay; This being abit RPG alike, i'd like to know who you all are. Stuff like race/origin/who you present/what you stand for and believe in etc. It just makes it easier to come up with stuff that way when things is put a bit more into perspective -aight?)

*As Manji C.M. approaches the highly protected hive world, flying bug-like aliens would swiftly swoop down from above and escort the brave soul, M.C.M. to the main hive clusters.

Unlike anything he've ever seen before, tentacle-like arms shoot out from the creep-covered grounds and grab the small vessel. Unaware of the happenings, M.C.M. tries to shake off the tentacles.
By this, a strange voice appears in his mind;

"Please, do not struggle!"

M.C.M. Understands this was a telepathic message from The Great Beast, and turns off the shuttle engines. The tentacles carries the shuttle deeper into the hive world and into the very "womb" of the hive.

After a short period of time, M.C.M's shuttle is softly placed upon what looks like the inside of a huge rip-case. This would show to be the landing pad of the aliens world's.

M.C.M. exits the shuttle and gazes around the great hall. The hall seems completely empty and nothing but a single guard is to spot anywhere.
"How come there is no guards, since this being somewhat the heart of the hives. It just doesn't make any sen--"

Before he get's time to finish the sentence in his inner, beasts would all the sudden appear for his eyes. Like a lightning from a clear sky, creatures three times as tall as a human being would stand before him - and lots of them.

Surprised and alarmed, M.C.M. jumps back and appears to be ready to fight these huge creatures. But the voice reappears in his inner;
"Do not be alarmed. My guards mean you no harm."

M.C.M. understands and lower his guards. The guards then escorts him deeper into the hive and leads him to what would seem like a huge wall made of skin. Suddently; a slimy sound is heard, and the wall cracks and opens.
The voice appears once again;
"Rwaar.. You may enter!"

M.C.M. Walks through the opening and enters a semi-large hall. At first, nothing here is to spot here either. But just like before, this would show, too to be wrong. M.C.M. hears a loud, deep slimy sound from above and turn his gaze, and sees a dark shade held by tentacles is lowered from the celling of the creep-covered cave-hall. It was The Great Beast,
- "Rwaaaargh!" - The beasts fierce roar eccos throughout the entire place, and every minion around lowers their heads to their master.

Again, the voice appeared in M.C.M's inner;
"Human. You have come a long way to confront me. And knowing our purpose in this world, i admire your bravery in coming here.
Little is known about us, little i can tell you. But you have shown worthy of our trust, and hence i will imbue you into our story.
In an ancient time, long before your homeworld was born, a mighty civilization exsisted, and were known as the 'Re'gal'. But one day they learned of the exsistence of a great and powerful enemy.
Knowning about this, they desperately experimented with new and better weapons in hope to find a way to defeat the threat.
One day, they came across a new discovery; A worm hole leading to unknown parts of the deep space. Unaware of the dangers of these parts, Re'gal explored it and would soon find powers beond their wildest dreams.
A Milennium and a half later, the Re'gal met succes. They named it 'The Overmind'. This creature of a fierce, unthinkable power caused them victory against their enemies for hundreds of years. But someday it stopped obeying them.
- The Re'gal was attacked by their own creation and since driven to extinction. The Great One then seeked out to feed and devour other worlds, leaving nothing but gold and dead worlds in it's wake.

- Why this came to happen only the Great One knows. We like to think it's but it's nature. All we know is to obey. All who matters is The Great One."

The Great Beast growled shortly and continued the psychic message;

"But tell me, human; What is it that you want, and why is it that we should not devour you just like any other being we've ever come across?"*


well a lots happened since ive been here, i have a job, my skills in the field of carpentry have improved some what (making wooden samurai swords and longbows) sooo

i see the unknown typin too much, so i craft out a nice long bow of around 180lbs, plus some armour piercing arrow heads, the time its taken me to make this bow unknown has finished typing and looks out of the window and THUD arrow straight in the face

Kiri walks along with a toenail-cutter. As Kazuya stands there triumphing with his bow, he cuts the string. With the released force, the bow hits Kazuya's head. KO.

*Unknown breaks out in laugh with Kazuya's attempt to finish off the Great Beasts life,
"Muahahahahaha! - If you think you can defeat me, you thought wrong."

Split seconds later, a helpless Kazuya flows in the air with a bluish aura surrounding him. He soon learns he's caught in a 'psychic blast field' created from the very mind of The Great Beast.

"I Admire your courage at coming here. But that won't save you now, human!"

The bluish aura slowly turns red and starts burning. Moments later, the psychic blast field shows it's true nature and turns everything within it into ashes.

- Kazuya had falied.*

The Little Battles Had Been Going On For Too Long, The war Was about to begin. The great beast was getting stronger by the day and the innevitable doom of the human race seemed unstoppable. people scrambled franticly trying to find a way to secure their future, jfdh' watches with amusement as the plans begin to come to mind. After making a few phone calls and pulling some strings the arangments had been made. through the crafty use of blackmale and people in high places a discrete millitary lab had been allocated for use in the project "Epsilon Echo" a genetic break-through that is the last resort of a desprate soldier.

It is here that they were born, creatures amongst men; the new millitary weapons that were to start the war for man kind. These troops were cyorneticly enhanced with armor built in to themselves, they have had the muscles in their body tripled so their new frames can be carried. their bodies were reinforced with tank armor, high tech implamts improving their reaction time greatly. Troops were emasses in the millions and sent strait to trianing, givin only one core order "Destroy The Great Beast At All Cost". ships were desined especially for these troops, made to withstand almost any force and easy to control. They were outfitted with ports to make their deployment quick. The Ships defences included many prototype weaponary from mid grade lasers, to plasma turrets & gigaton warheads capable of destroying worlds. the troops guns were light and powerful, the multi-traceing radioactive shells gave off a gentle green shimmer as they were loaded. They had their orders and their supplies now time was the only factor, just waiting for the sun to rise and the war was underway.

The first wave "THETA TEAM" flew confidently towards the hive. When they neared the enemy planet Hive Drones swarmed in battle formation at the intruders. Thousands were either incapacitated or killed in the frist skirmish but as the few remaining drone survivors fled the army rejoyced. They had completed their first objective, to secure a foothold on the enemy planet. Backup had been signaled and were on their way, the second and third waves "OMEGA TEAM" led by Jfdh And "DELTA TEAM" were on their way to the coordinates that they had been given. The great Beast knew of their arrival as was expected, we were on his planet. Little did they know that THETA TEAM wasn't safe, Drones had ambushed them along with Hive Guards, The battle that ensued left many Hive Guards and drones dead but their overwhelming numbers sealed the fate for every member of the first wave.

When backup arrived the were greeted by smoking terrain decorated in pools of blood making it apperent that this would be a longer battle than they had first expected. After arming the warheads on their fallen brethren's ships the order for immidiate retreat was issued. The explosions from the ships lit the night sky and many of the human race thought we had failed and panic spread across the little blue planet. The sun was setting, the first day was coming to a close and the only thing left to do is wait for The Great Beast to make his move.

Jfdh' sat on the bridge and welcomed the new day, nobody knew what it would bring but many feared what would happen.

Years went by, and peace of the world was once again restored.

Life went by as before the all-consuming Great Beast emerged from the grand, infinite nothing known to us as space and people once again felt secure - a feeling no one have had in years.
Hope of humanity once rested in the hands of a great warrior known as Jfdh - a hero amongst men - and, by bravery and courage, Jfdh saved us from an almost certain doom. "Our destiny has been changed" people says. Jfdh's bravery against a frenzy breast became legend.
But who was this brave soul who restored peace as we know it?

Jfdh now live a quiet life - a life he has a hard time adapting to. But he did not share that feeling of secureness like most. The dream of the Great Beast kept haunting him in his dreams, and nightmares of this was an instant. He was at the edge of insanity. But his deep felt concern of the safety of humanity may soon show to to be more than just a concern.
- By the time Jfdh was sent to eliminate The Great Beast, something odd had happened - a psychic bound between the two had found place - a bound which somehow merged Jfdh with The Great Beast. By this, Jfdh, unwillingly, became a part of the beast. Jfdh would never find rest in his soul before The Great Beast was slain once and for all!
One day, Jfdh was overwhelmed by strange whispers in his inner - whispers he couldn't clear out. They then disappeared again. This happened some times, and everytime the whispers became clearer and clearer. Jfdh came to learn these was the voice of an old foe - The Great Beast. He came to realize the deamon was never slain - he came to know the deamon had rested - he came to learn it had licked it woulds and was not satisfied with the outcome of the great battle years ago - he came to know it was coming for him, wanting his blood...

- Deeply into space, a fearsome beast had lied in wait - lurking the deepest corners of space. Colors of loss is painted all over it's face, and a hunger for revenge had grown from within it's inner. It's dead, yellowish eyes burned from the desire of defeating it's only true enemy - Jfdh!

Hmmm... haven't killed anyone here for a long time! I'm hungry for frags so I won't try to be creative :D

*shoots UnknownDNA to death*

God bless the simplicity :D

Simplicity you say? *Bwahahahahahaha!*

*Absorbs all damage dealt by Dinaga, channels it into a huge warp blast and blasts Dinaga into the next century!*

"Driven by the hive mind, this Great Beast seeks to drive it's enemies into extinction - human kind may not last to see the next sunset!"

Rubbish, that won't work, because when I'm in sight no one can avoid hearing a joke from me. I haven't even started well when I realize that unknownDNA has made a suicide because it didn't appreciate good humor.

zephyr jumps in and to everyone's surprise... exploded like an atomic bomb! Everyone died and those who lived looked like a twin of Yoshi! :p

Sorry, I had gone to my basement and I survived. When I come in sight I have Bryan's mini gun and destroy all twin Yoshis. Bad luck, maybe next time!

(Hey, I didn't know that I'm that good. Come on, give me some challenge, I'm bored. Where is everybody?)

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Jake : Sorry, I had gone to my basement and I survived. When I come in sight I have Bryan's mini gun and destroy all twin Yoshis. Bad luck, maybe next time!

(Hey, I didn't know that I'm that good. Come on, give me some challenge, I'm bored. Where is everybody?)
Well, I hid longer than you...:p

*Took Jake by surprise. Jake was sooo surprised he went into a heart attack but tried to revive him by using 1,000,000 volts of electricity. Oops, sorry... I smell burnt flesh from Jake's body...

(BTW, this is a very nice topic!:D)