just reading

i was just reading a topic about the site not having enough people talking, i would just like to make a topic about..... art.
as some people have seen that i hav drawn a picture of kazuya, but becasue no one has replied to it and i can't post twice in a row it will just stay there and no body will really see it.

I have also looked in the gallerys and seen some good drawings. So my topic for today is, 'where did people learn to draw and what they like about. the materials they use(pens pencils, diferent grades of pencil specialty ones, types of paper etc) how often the draw things'

enjoy :D

Hih, how ironic... I was just b*tching about the silence myself, but then I got to thinking "When was the last time I posted anything?" :D

As for myself, I draw every day. Mainly due to the comic I'm making, but I do some misc stuff every once in a while. I use a 0.7 mechanical pencil (HB or softer) to do the rough sketches (stick figures and edges of scenery, in plain English), add more detail with the 0.7 and a 0.5, cleaning it as I go with a kneaded eraser. Then I either just leave it at that (like this one), or then I'll proceed to ink it with different markers (like this one).

As to how I've learned to draw... I have checked around the 'net for different tutorials and taken some influence on them. For example, I usually draw a head something like they teach at www.howtodrawmanga.com , but I draw the bodies like they teach at www.polykarbon.com . Also, there are many good tutorials at www.bakaneko.com (?). But I have drawed ever since I was on the 3rd grade at school - that's ten years, mind you - so I'm beginning to have quite a lot of experience. All I can say is PRACTICE-PRACTICE-PRACTICE. Not even Rome was built in a day. :)

oh i see, i like to use drawing pens and just draw things that i like the look of, i went thrugh atime where i thought i was yoji shinkawa lol and i bought a brush pen wasnt quite wat i liked, but i use a pilot drawing pen DR pigment ink. i had a look at your deviant art page and found some good drawings very nice, and a few pictures of you looking pretty as a picture koga :love (although im not certain if i should say 'prretty' as you dressing up as brianna you should be looking mean lol) . i am in the middle of drawing kazuya again but with a traced face now i need some colour but i shouldnt i spoil my drawings with colour