maybe Yoshi...

Hi all, in a Tekken Italian site an member uploaded an picture of tekken 6, so for some person this is Yoshimitsu in T 6! For a boy this is an char.of Genji 2 and is not a tekken char.
For me is not Yoshimitsu...for You?

It... he can't be Yoshi, there's no mechanical hand or anything. And he has his sword in the wrong hand.

Speaking of which, doesn't this guy and his pose look very similar to that of Raven's? Plus, the background seems like feodal Japan - this is, in my opinion, definitely not a pic of Tekken.

More less that of Yoshimitsu, too.

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I agree with you!!more, he had got blond hair while Yoshi have got red it true?

That is not my Yoshi no way it cant be like Kogamitsu seid there is no mecanical hand as yoshi lost his in battle by a sword and the sword is in the wrong hand and he certenly does not run like a gay bod. Yoshi is Japanese NOT BLACK.

correction: it's fedual, not feodal...