Who is your Favorite Tekken Female Charicter

All Tekken girls sukes only Kuni is good8)

I think kunimitsu is the best she is more serious than other girls.i think she is vary mysterious woman she always sillent and serious

Ummm ... if i chose some1 for a date, i'd take Lily. :D .. she's cute...

Definetly Asuka:yes

I agree. Asuka is my favorite female character as well. ^^
She´s cute, funny, hyper, righteous and is fun to play with. A lotta cool moves and throws.
Also she´s one of the few characters who has got plenty of good customizations.

Oh and she´s got a cool secret move too.

My favorite girl in the current lineup would have to be Alisa, granted I don't play with anyone besides Yoshi, but I love her quirky moves.. Christie would be a lot cooler if she were a little more unique. Leo has some sweet authentic moves too!!

Oh, right, I totally forgot about Leo!
She´s cool too, true true. :)
"No pattern, no form"
And as fas as I know the only character who can attack on 2 "heights" (?) at the same time, low and mid range.

Yeah she's for sure the only female that can, but I'm pretty sure Raven has a move like that too..

My favorite female character in Xiaoyu. Kunimitsu is amazing, but Xiaoyu is super cute. <3

..That panda girl<3 I forgot her name XD *hitting my head*

Do you mean the female Panda- named Panda- or do you mean the Chinese girl who's her friend/caretaker. 'Cause that's Ling Xioayu. She's awesome!

I think mine is asuka cuz in a straneg way, i kick but with her and yoshi and i usually reuse to play with any other charecter besides yoshi but shes strong, and powerful :D

I like all, or rather most, of the female characters. As a favourite, a top favourite over the others, I would choose Zafina - deadly, mysterious, graceful and psychic. Zafina is a real deadly beauty. <3