Who here is a female tekken player? I am!

i hope,ihopethisnamecounts would visit us at Rob metroeast,that is where i play...megamall isn't the only place where good people play,its just that its cheap..hahahahaha!!!!!

Then I'll try going there too sometime...:D

you find people there r a challenge...

bring some frends over....

In gateway there are lots of good players (I never won a game against them), that's why I usually play/train at night when only very few are playing.

Unfortunately, I haven't got a friend that's good in tekken, they play tekken but not the way those guys do.

ow i c-

nweis..ring me a bell if your going to rob metro east or megamall...

Will do...:)


Hi guys and gals i'm Yoshimitsu 2 yoshi's wife i am also a female player of tekken and Yoshimitsu is my pride and joy i love him i find him rather sexy for a game caracter:love

Ok...So TenshiMisu and vaarin are Gals Cool..In India Gals dont play Video games........:P By the way I am Male:D

nani?? nihongo hanasei masu ka? doko ni sunderu no desu??


Eigo hanashite kudasai. Please speak English.

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I wish I knew what that means...

Wow. There are quite a few of the ladies here. *slicks hair back*

Anybody want to "battle"?

mmm yeh ok i love a challenge like my Yoshi i except!:|

should i bring my duel pistol or sword? lol...

Sharp : Wow. There are quite a few of the ladies here. *slicks hair back*

Hey - you're right!

Displays his boundless charm: *BUUUUUUURP!*