The "^", "<" and "V" game

Mwahahahah let's dance to this, we'll get plenty of odd looks! --> This is a link!!! :D

And to welcome the arrival of the police we'll do the tea-cup dance!! Then we can claim insanity!!! :)

What is V's favourite dance?

< dont like dance.... but now tht ^ mention dance, < once tried Capoeira lessons for 6 months... cool.. :D:D..

Does V like Devil may Cry??.. Its <'s favourite game... :D

< loves the series. < ouldn´t play part 4 yet, but < played the other games of the series all on each difficulty level to get 100%
< thinks that Capcom is the best game company anyways, what does V think?
Capcom has loads of awesome games, RE series, Onimusha series, DMC, Dino Crisis, Killer 7, Viewtiful Joe, ->Street Fighter! etc etc:yes

< can't finish DMC 3 "hell or heaven" mode.... what about ^ ??.. any better luck??

< Thinks Devil May Cry WAS awesome, but they ruined it with #4. And as ^ said, Capcom is one of the greatest game companies ever!!
< Also thinks that sequels seems to be getting increasingly bad lately, and wishes they would get their act together and make a cool sequel for once...
Can v think of a good sequel that was released in the last couple years?

Is ^ really serious?!
isn´t it obvious?
About earlier, yes, < finished heaven or hell with the help of < brother. :)

Hmm....has v played RE games? What´s the opinion of it. And who´s v favorite character?

< has played Umbrella Chronicles for Wii which is completely different from most of the RE's, but < liked it a lot. Wesker is obviously <'s favorite character

Will v watch the tekken movie eventually?

< still cant figure out... whats "RE"

Manji Z-Ryshan : < still cant figure out... whats "RE"

Well, they are talking about Resident Evil.. so, RE = Resident Evil.

There's not much thought in your post. Take a closer look. You even failed to answer the question of the poster above you, therefore your post is spam.


Has V seen the latest movie 'G-force'? Those guinea pigs are sooo cute. It's the first 3D film < has ever seen and < was very impressed. Times really have moved on.. 3D glasses are no longer red and green; they are a tinted grey. the movie looked very realistic. :D

< has seen G-force. < saw it when it came out because < often goes to the cinema with <'s clients for work.

So ^ has never seen a 3D movie before? Did ^ notice how funny people's reactions are when they witness 3D for the first time? Best part of any 3D show is the opening when some sort of random logo floats in the middle of the room and people make noises like a unicorn just ran through the theatre (or the theater if you prefer American English) and kids try to touch it. For some reason, seeing people so happy like that makes < very happy too.

< has noticed that some movies are now being released a month early in 3D only (like G-force) 3D is kinda cool but not cool enough that we should be forced to pay more against our will just to see some cute little guinea pigs dancing around in the air.

< saw Coraline in 3D... and found it to be a scary movie and the 3D made it worse.

What was the best movie v saw this year?

^'s story about 3D and children being happy makes < happy, too. ^____^

< the best movie < saw this year was... Blade Runner. < thinks < saw it as a kid, but it was amazing to see it at <'s age this year. ^_^

does V have a favourite Nintendo game? :D

<'s favorite Nintendo game would probably be Double Dragon or River City Ransom.
The best movie < saw this year was either Star Trek or the latest Harry Potter. So where does ^ find motivation to be so creative? What's V's favorite song or band ?

Hmm... < likes a lot of really weird and unpopular stuff and doesn't really have a favourite as < listens to different things depending on <'s mood. But maybe Tenshi by Kokia would be one of the top songs. Not because it shares a name with YOT's creator but because it is genuienly a beautiful song and Kokia has an amazing poweful voice.

What is the most embarrassing accident v has ever had?

< would so vote on ^ to play Yoshimitsu's girlfriend in a homemade video. :D

< finds motivation from... erm... different things. < likes to think that < is mad, and that might be part of it. ^^;; <'s most embarrassing accident was... probably running a bike (at full speed) into the pillar instead of making a turn.

How many wins-losses has V had?

< thinks it is time to kick off this game again because it was fun and we have cool new members now. < would have done it sooner but only just found the <> button on the German keyboard. Lets go...

Where is ^ (why is this so small?). ^ has vanished. Come back ^!!!!

Okay, to answer ^'s question, < assumes ^ is talking about Tekken. < has no idea but is quite sure it is more loses. Well < doesn't mind. As Oscar Wilde said, 'Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes!'. Then again, he also said, 'I'm so clever I sometimes can't understand a single word I say..'

As < is clearly inspired by the words of a dead gay dude, by whom is V most inspired?