The "^", "<" and "V" game

WTF !!! maayne, ^ on crack or somthin ? Pirates own ninjas !!

< shall explain then. The aim of the game is of course to avoid using the names of any member (pronouns are acceptable but some people prefer to avoid those too). Instead, ^,<,> and V are used. When the poster has answered the previous posters question, they must then ask one of their own for the following poster to answer. Failure to do so results in shame, ridicule and much pointing and laughing in your general direction.

V, read your LAST post in this thread and answer you OWN question from that post.

< is now, clearly in a paradox

V, read your LAST post in this thread and answer you OWN question from that post.

< thinks Leo is Definitely a guy... Its Just namco is messed up ... or didnt find some good male voice or thought they would give some female kinda a male voice ... what so ever... Leo Definitely looks Male....

by the way..... ^'s Idea was really Nice....

so v Continue this and answer V's Own last question :P

< used to think Leo's voice sounds female because Leo is a young male, about 13 years or something, but has since found out Leo is 23 so < has moved and pitched her tent in the 'Leo is female' camp. Although < is keeping her mind wide open on this one.

<'s last question was to answer the previous question so that would be, erm.. what annoys v? So.. <'s neighbour playing his trombone, badly, while < is trying to nap, annoys <. People who are closed minded and think anyone who thinks differently to themselves must therefore be stupid, annoy < too.

V, now go back THREE of your own posts and answer your own question!!

since a lot of you still don't know whether leo is a guy or not, check this page
< hopes that clarifies it. And < don't know or remember my own question. (I think I'm failing this)

I didnt come to the decision that leo is male on my own... I was going thru some videos... And leo can do most of what male's of Tekken series can do and cant do something specific to females of Tekken... Example bitch slaps of nina i guess... Like that there are many things concerned... Namco makes a mistake and thinks the fans wont be able to find out.... We aint dumb namco....

Added 9 minutes later:

Oops < got frustrated with bandai namco so much that < forgot the forum.... Oh and < went back 3 post back and found the question to be... Who will v date from Tekken series... And the answer would be.. Alisa...the Adorable Cyborg... Cos she looks so so so pretty...and some of her moves in Tekken look very nice... Like 2,2,3 or is it 2,3,3...and she is very polite...and one of her winning moves rocks... Where she slides around and come to face camera... Her costumes are also so cool.. Err i talk too much... Dont i ?(i blame it on Jemma)

Added 1 minute later:

Again < got carried away... Sorry... Who is v's best friend in Manjikai....

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I know, I'm aware of that. When you do campaign mode with her, she will also stand as a guy and not like the rest of the girls. But that's because she entered the tournament as a guy. Namco didn't messed up or made mistakes, it was all done intentionally, namco wanted to keep her gender a mystery and whats the best way to do that, include stuff that contradicts each other. She never reveals her torso, all the guys are able to be shirtless (correct me if I'm wrong), she is able to equip hairstyles only girls can do even though she's not able to counter the nina move. By doing this you can never say with certainty she is a dude or she is girl.
But now with tekkentag 2 she is registered as a girl.

Added 1 minute later:

< best friend in the manjikai is angelboy and jembra and hopefully tenshimitsu in the near future :D
who is v best friend ?

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Dont know... What is v best technical game played ... If v can remember...

Added 3 minutes later:

^ says mystery..< says mistake... Is it a mistake covered up as mystery or mystery thought as mistake... < thinks Namco if at all wanted to increase mystery they should have done it in better way... Keeping it like male or female is the worst way...

I don't really think you can make a mistake like that, they purposely didn't want to reveal her secret. In the japanese magazines she was always referred to as "he/she" or just her name. But I respect and understand that you don't agree with namco =)

But to answer ^ question, the most technical game < has ever played is without a doubt Street fighter IV

^should ask a question..

what's the hardest game v's ever played?

The hardest game < has ever played it the waiting game. < is very impatient.

Okay then V. If you add up the first 7 numbers of pi, what does it come to?

< only knows the first 3 numbers of pi, sorry XD
@ angelo < was hoping that you would answer the same question <.>
what is the most technical game v played

The most technical game < has ever played, is probably SSFIV.

So what's the coolest character v idolizes besides Yoshi

haha indeed it's SSFIV baby !!
and uhm well that's an easy one, Paul :D

But < will repeat that question cuz < shouldn't have answered that :p